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Thread: The deadliest move in all of martial arts

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    The deadliest move in all of martial arts

    He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher. -- Walt Whitman

    Quote Originally Posted by David Jamieson View Post
    As a mod, I don't have to explain myself to you.

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    The state that resembles a middle finger.
    yep never been used in mma.....

    Originally posted by Bawang
    i had an old taichi lady talk smack behind my back. i mean comon man, come on. if it was 200 years ago,, mebbe i wouldve smacked her and took all her monehs.
    Originally posted by Bawang
    i am manly and strong. do not insult me cracker.

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    I find it peculiar that he refers to it as a chin jab, when it is clearly not a jab at all, by any definition.
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    at first I thought the "deadliest weapon" was that you stand in front of a bookshelf to lend you gravitas, and bore your opponent to tears by talking forever about nothing, and then run him over with a semi when he can't see (ok, well I extrapolated the last part, but anyway);

    second, as Rik also pointed out, what the actual move demonstrated has to do with a jab is beyond me;

    third, Casey Kasem called, he wants his voice back;

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    Hmmmn, I"m going down to drill my close combat chin jab!.
    Then I'm going to learn how to use it to refine uranium and then I'm gonna get sanctions placed on me by the UN for having possession of the close combat chin jab...that isn't really a jab so much as it is a pilots license.


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    This technique is not new, nor it is it well demonstrated. The technique works best when the opponent is slammed into it; i.e., when his momentum is approaching you. I find the crashing of the head into the ground a little strange, here. The first part of this technique (the strike) exists in Lohan Shaolin traditions, Shuai Chiao, Bagua, Sumo, and others. And yes, it can be an effective strike. But only a complete fool puts all his eggs into one basket.

    Here is the technique wonderfully used in Sumo:


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    Always the guys making tapes doing it not right

    When come up with something new to martial art make tape, until then STFU
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    That technique is so deadly I would recommend people avoid even watching the video. You might never recover from the hysterics!!

    It is a very old technique in Japanese MA as well. BTW!

    I am glad we used it to defeat those nasty NAZI"s too. We might have lost the war without it!


    ...Casey Kasem called, he wants his voice back;

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    I thought the two-finger eye poke was the deadliest

    .....okay, I'll just shut up now.
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    It's in wing chun too off a split entry.
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    You couldn't make it up.


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    The dude in OPs video managed to saturate his explanation with hype, misinformation, lies, and bullsh%t. The technique is valid, but it is not "deadly". We practiced this in aikido, full force, no problem. The guy in the video should not be teaching.

    Here are some other examples:

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    This move in CMA is called "摘盔(Zhai Kui) - helmet remove". You put your right hand on top of your opponent's forehead (above the eyebrow). You put your left hand behind his head (above the neck). You use your left hand as the leverage, use your right hand to bend his head backward, and then smash the back of his head onto the ground (like a sacrifice throw). It's one move that you can take down a big opponent of any size. The reason is simple, you use all your body weigh to fight against only your opponent's neck. It was used as assassin technique in the ancient time because the back of the human head is very weak. The best way to apply this move is you walk passing by your opponent's right side. You then apply this move by surprise. In combat, it will require some "set up".

    In his clip, he was using the "face push" and "chin push". The rotation axis is a bit shorter than by using the "fore head push". Also his left hand is behind his opponent's waist. This make the rotation axis longer but he has to fight against his opponent's upper body instead of just the neck. IMO, it won't work as well as the "摘盔(Zhai Kui) - helmet remove".

    Is this the "deadliest move in all of martial arts"? Next time when you fall back and the back of your head hit on a solid rock, you should be able to draw that conclusion all by yourself.
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    I think getting stabbed in the heart is more deadly!

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