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Thread: James Sun

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    James Sun

    How can James sun call himself the sole inherittor of the 8 step style when he didn't even learn from Master Wei? He learned from his brother who was a student of Master Wei.A teacher in taiwain trained with Master Wai for 30 years Master Wai stoped teaching 10 years before his death. James sun would have been 13 years old??

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    word Guest
    If James sun did learn from the sifu , he would have learned with some assistant instructor. Never the less, who would want to teach a 13 year old? You KNOW that the head sifu is not going to waste his time on a kid. Similar thing is that Bruce learned most of his wing chun from wong shun leung and william cheung. Some from Yip Man.

    ANyways, I have heard that James Sun is a rip off 8 step mantis sifu. There you go.

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    8StepStudent Guest
    Didn't learn from Master Wei!? Master Wei started training him when he was six years old. In fact Master Wei saved his life, because he was deathly ill. Read the history on the 8 Step page Where are you guys being fed this load of crap!? James Sun a ripoff 8 Step Sifu!? Yeah right! Go talk to him and he can show you that he has Master Wei's blessing and his alone, which proves he's the sole inheritor and he's not a fake! You guys are complete morans get your facts straight before you make accusations.

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    MIA Guest
    Hopefully, there will be someone out there who can verify the fact that James Sun (Xun Guan-long) ever trained under Wei Xiao-tang. I am sure James Sun can back up his claim; however, there are other representatives of the 8 Step Tang Lang Quan system still teaching in Taiwan.

    For this, I will have to stand by the comments made by mantis and word.

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    sitnam Guest
    8StepStudent, just wondering if you know what these footwork and kicking techniques mean in your system.

    1. Bai Bu
    2. Shu Bu
    3. Die Bu
    4. Ru Huan Bu
    5. Nuo Bu
    6. Tun Ta Bu
    7. Xing Bu
    8. Tuo Bu

    1. Liao Yin Jiao
    2. Yuan Yang Jiao
    3. Fu Ren Jiao
    4. Chuan Xin Jiao
    5. Bian Zhuang Jiao
    6. Bai Lian Jiao
    7. Bi Men Jiao
    8. Xuan Feng Jiao

    1. Qiu Tui
    2. Deng Jiao
    3. Chuan Gong Tui
    4. Zhan Tui
    5. Cuo Tui
    6. Xuang Fei Tui
    7. She Tui
    8. Sao Tang Tui

    "Don't Believe Everything You Read, Especially On The Internet."

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    8stepsifu Guest
    Master Sun came to the U.S. copywrited the name and ****ed a lot of Master Wei's public students off by setting the standards for the quality and standardization of the system. Master Wei gave his park students all the vocabulary, but didn't teach them anything in the way of how these "magic words" are applied. Oooh you know that one of the words means grab...So what I can grab a pencil. You have to know how that relates to all of the information that you know. He listed all the footworks in BlackBelt magazine. That doesn't matter in the slightest. Those arent the secrets. The how, when, where and why are the secrets. To all these "authentic" 8 Step masters learking around spreading rumors. Go kick Master Sun's ass and I will be your dedicated student. The only person that learned anything close to Master Sun was Su Yu Tsang. For Master Wei park students = cash flow. He may have told them that they learned the whole system. What did he care? He was a famous fighter. He wasn't passing the system on to them and it didn't matter to him. Master Sundoesn't want the system to die out so he is actually teaching the how, why and where and not simply the vocabulary. People spreading this are A. Master Wei's angry park students
    B. Defected Sifus that have shot themselves in the foot when they had a good thing going for them.

    Master Sun is a rare individual. The sole inheritor of a complete fighting system. Unless you want to go to Australia (CLF Grandmaster/Inheritor?), your not going to find anything close.
    To those that have shot yourselves in the foot. Better luck next life.
    To angry park students it should be easy as pie for you to become sifus under Master Sun and learn more than you ever would have under Master Wei.

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    8stepsifu Guest
    From Sitnam
    -8StepStudent, just wondering if you know what these footwork and kicking techniques mean in your system.

    You sure as hell don't, but he will if he becomes a Sifu. You will never know more than the vocabulary. If this is anyone that I know posting this, I don't mean anything personally, I just can't have you dragging others down for your mistakes. Best of luck to everybody


    BTW Mantis your a cool guy and I looked up to you. I don't see how you were so easilly swayed by those park students. I don't know what went on, but if you left after seeing that list, I can't understand that. You had such a bright future ahead of you and to **** it all away over nussances. Your whole situation was bad, but that was then. Why are you trying to defame Master Sun for it? How can it possibly benefit you? Where are you going to learn the complete 8 Step system? Will Feng Wei Yi visit you in your dreams? Best of luck to you anyway and I hope I'm not coming accross as rude.

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    MIA Guest
    Have any of you ever gone to Taiwan and met any of Wei Xiao-tang's other park students?

    Just wondering...

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    sitnam Guest
    According to an 8Step Tanglangquan practitioner I met in Taiwan, Wei Hsiao Tang had already set the standards for the systematization of 8 Step Tanglangquan in the 3 books that he wrote.

    The question I asked 8StepStudent about the meaning of the footwork and kicking techniques I mentioned were legitimate since I am not an 8 Step Tanglangquan practitioner but wanted to know more about the system. If any of you cannot answer it, then fine.

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    8stepsifu Guest
    I can't answer that, but my Sifu can and he sure wouldn't tell you how they were done. You heard one thing, I heard another. We only know what we were told. Neither of us are omnicient. So if it was standardized whats the point? All I know is that it was standardized in the U.S. for public AND private students. Before there was no standardization for private students because there were only two. Su Yu Tsang and Master Sun. Su Yu Tsang had other Masters and Master Wei wanted him to pick one. Su Yu Tsang didn't wan't to so he was left with what he had(quite a bit) Master Sun was talented and the system was passed on to him.

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    8StepStudent Guest
    Like 8StepSifu said I know the names of the footworks, because they're listed in magazines, but how to do them... I haven't the slightest clue. Also like 8StepSifu said... "If you can defeat Master Sun... I'll be your student then," but I don't even see that happening.

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    mantis7 Guest
    This is one thing that holds back kung fu....All the dam polotics.. just because someone claims lineage it doesnt mean they are all that good.. Master sun is good and can fight and his gung fu is top notch as far as being system holder I have no clue.. does it really matter.. I say no I rather learn from someone who can use there kung fu then someone who claism lineage and cant use what they have been taught or can not teach what they have been taught...


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    8stepsifu Guest
    true dat Mantis7, but being the system inheritor means that you have unparralleled expertice and ability. I agree..all this B.S. is holding us back. Why do you think the air headed worthless shopping mall arts are popping up accross america? If there are any other 8 Step Sifus in Taiwan then I have more in common with them than I do TKD. Just Imagine if all the PM schools got together on one big campaign of our system...What could compare? WHo could compete? We'd spread our style accross the globe. But infighting is traditional, its been there and it will be there. It's the fault of everyone who says,"were cool" myself included.

    By not exalting the talented you will cause the peple to cease from rivalry and contention. By not prizing goods hard to get, you will case the people to cease from robbing and stealing. By not displaying what is desirable, you will cause the people's hearts to remain undisturbed.

    Therefore, the Sage's way of governing begins by

    Empying the heart of desires
    Filling the belly with food
    Weakening the ambitions
    Toughening the bones.
    In this way he will cause the people to remain without knowlege, and without desire, and prevent the knowing ones from any ado.
    Practice non ado and everything will be in order.

    Master Sun is not a celebrity. He's the head of a relatively small (in numbers of practitioners) system compared to TKD or Karate. Since this has become the National Inquier, go fuss over a real celebrity and please leave us alone.

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    mantis7 Guest

    I shall dubb thee PREACHER 8

    teach on PREACHER

    lol Victor ( it is to true what you say )

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    All I can say is to all you people who dont know him, you find pleasure to disgrace his name because you are JEALOUS.
    The man is awsome. Just keep it up and live in denial.

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