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Thread: Jon Funk Legit???

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    Tekarius Guest

    Jon Funk Legit???

    This is actually for a friend. He is thinking of taking Praying Mantis. He said the instructor is name Jon Funk. Is He legit??

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    mantis108 Guest
    Hi Tekarius,

    Your conern for your friend is noble. As to the question ligit or not it is really relative. I can share with you some facts I know of the man and give his url and you make your judgement call.

    I have met him on a few occassions and at one of Al Chang (his Sifu) training sessions while he was there. It was back in the early 80s. That would give his almost 20 years of experience at least.

    He can provide you a good account of his lineage.

    He has been active in many matters concerning martial arts including regular contributions to the Black Belt Magazine Offering his views and visions.

    I have never trained with him; therefore, can't provide any further detail on his method. I think if you would visit his site you'll get a better picture of him

    IMHO, his is sincerely involved with his beloved art.



    Contraria Sunt Complementa

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    word Guest
    Jon Funk is a legit sifu. However, his skill is not that high. I'm not sure how he runs his school but he's very involved and throws huge tournaments all the time.

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    Tekarius Guest
    Thx guys for the info. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Tekarius Guest
    Does Jon Funk know any chi gung???

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    bamboo_ leaf Guest
    I find it very amuseing that people would actuly question the ablity of some well known Sifus.

    Even more inceadable is the confermantion of said ablity by who?

    If you want to know about some one either vist the school, directly or call. And voice your concerns.

    enjoy life

    bamboo leaf

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    Tekarius Guest
    My friend has visited the school and has talk to that instructor. It doesn't hurt to ask more then one opinion right?

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    bamboo_ leaf Guest
    My amazement comes from people who do not have any profile details even as to the place where they live, style they play or length of training and then asking about the ability of some well known and very respected people in the martial comity.

    Each preying mantis org. has a list of who can repseant the style they are teaching and most of the Sifu know each other, if they don't then they probably know of the Sifus teacher.

    So no; it's not wrong to question but the manor and direction of the question, (is he legit). Your words. Some of these teachers have spent their whole lives training and teaching, apparently much longer then some of the members of this form have been alive.

    I have found the best way is to ask the teacher himself or one of the leading members of that style; we have some of those people here in this forum. In any case the only way that anybody can know for sure is to watch a class and try it out.

    Good luck to your friend, Sifu Funk has done a lot to spread the word on 7* preying mantis and he is very respected in the mantis comity.

    enjoy life

    bamboo leaf

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    Tekarius Guest
    Thx for all the help guys but if there any other things about this sifu plz tell me.:)

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    word Guest
    Funk is respected only because he is spreading the art. Is he any good? I don't think so. He uses way too much power and is very very stiff. His kung fu movements have that karate flavor where they use a ton of power, too much stiff power.

    Now you talk about the mantis community. Who is the mantis community? I only know 2-3 good mantis sifus and the rest are today's mantis "sifus" who's skill are only average. So which ones do you consider in the community? More likely than not, your list of sifus in the community does not match mine.

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    mantis7 Guest
    my list

    Sifu Albright

    Sifu Ortiz

    Sifu lai

    Sifu poi

    Sifu R nelson

    Sifu spencer Gee

    Sifu keller

    Who's on your list of Mantis Sifu's


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    8stepsifu Guest

    I have proof

    The saying...Kikin Mo Funk Than a Shalin Monk directly refers to him being able to kick mo Funk. Now if he is kikin more than a shaolin monk we can safely say that his abilities are better than the average Shaolin Monk's. Who else has tee-shirt companies talking them up??? Thats right no one besides bruce lee. Since Bruce Lee is on T-Shirts and people call him a GrandMaster and Jon Funk is refered to on T-Shirts then we can also conclude that Jon Funk is a GrandMaster. Now where can I get a T-shirt with his face on it....never mind bad idea. Many musicians were so impressed by his abilities that they took on the "Funk" name for respect. Several Grandmasters of Funk have appeared on the music scene and the Red Hot Chili Pepers claim that they play "funk" coincidence? Clearly they have heard of his legendary ability and wanted to have that kind of name recognition as a symbol of quality. So to answer you question.."Is Jon Funk legit?" I can truthfully say, "maybe"

    I hope this clears up any misinformation

    8Step Sifu

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    word Guest
    8 step,

    what the hell are you talking about? VIctor

    I agree with Lai and Poi. They are apart of the mantis community. You are missing a couple underground sifus who aren't in the limelight.

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    mantis7 Guest
    which underground sifu

    Sifu Albright is right now on the top of my list.. have you had the pleasure of meeting or seeing him move..

    Who else would you add word...... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

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    carnival shoes Guest

    John Funk

    I have sudied under the instruction of John Funk.

    He is the only instructor I have had so I accept that this may make me biased. In reference to the first post, He is a legit instructor.

    To address your points,

    He does the eigtheen Lohan hands which from my understanding is the basis of Shaolin Chi Gung.

    He does three classes; begginer, intermidate and andvanced.

    Beginners are introduced to the mantis principles and are taught basic drills for kicking and punching combo's. They are also taught some joint locks or chin na. The first form learnt is Buck Yuen Tow Toe. Once this has been learnt and practised sufficently they are tested for yellow belt and then advance to the intermidate level class.

    He emphazies four main principles.

    1. ambidextrous co-ordination
    2. balanced movement
    3. linked supple movement
    4. dissolving skills

    Hope that answers any questions.

    I have most enjoyed my time under his instruction and the class is run in quite a relaxed atmosphere.

    I see it has been a while since the original posting. Has your friend started class??

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