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Thread: Now that you're older and a bit wiser...

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    Now that you're older and a bit wiser...

    is there anything you would've approached differently in your MA career?


    I probably would have started in a more physical, combative sport-art when I was younger and then transitioned to a more traditional art as I aged instead of the other way around.

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    I would've not secretly killed so many bjj black belts in untraceable back alley death matches using eye gouges. I also once throat struck a tenth dan in sambo and donkey punched him for his trouble, I do feel kind of bad about that.

    Also, all that taoist pron was probably a mistake, from a career standpoint. Sometimes, it's enough to just be really good at something.
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    LMAO !!!

    Between KC and I, there must be a stack of dead bodies belonging to BJJ BB !

    In reality, I don't think I would do anything different, we are the sum of our experiences and I have had some nice ones.
    I probably could have done without that stint as an "enforcer" for the Triads ( seriously) and without that experience in Thailand ( kidding).
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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyB View Post
    is there anything you would've approached differently in your MA career?
    More stretching, less low stances, wasted less time on cross-training.

    Richard A. Tolson

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    I largely don't regret my training history, even if I could have done more. It's as well that I didn't know much about training mma in the early days: they've got enough to gloat over without adding my good looks and talent. My golden locks alone might have shattered their confidence enough to derail the movement and force them back into the early era of combovers and gis with patches, stylistically speaking.

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    Probably the only thing I regret is not taking more kickboxing matches when I was younger and more in my prime. I feel great at 33, but would like to have had more experiences in the ring as a younger man.

    I also regret not becoming a porn star until 30, I could have been paid for this sh**it for years in my "prime" as well.
    "The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero projects his fear onto his opponent while the coward runs. 'Fear'. It's the same thing, but it's what you do with it that matters". -Cus D'Amato

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    wouldve started sooner and trained more and harder... everything else i wouldve needed wouldve naturally flowed from that... i was pretty lucky to be a grappler and then having a kung fu fascination... i think i wouldve chosen the right paths if i came to these same crossroads but just at a younger age and more dedicated and talented... i didnt take as serious as i wish i had... oh well.... no do-overs...

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    I wanted to learn Kung-Fu when I was eleven, but my parents didn't allow it. It wasn't until I was 15 that I started-by sneaking out of the house and using my own money that I had saved.
    So, I would've liked to have started at 11,
    I would've joined the wrestling team, even for just one season, just to learn the skills.
    I would've served in the military-for the experience, training, and discipline.
    I would've like to have met my SPM teacher 30 yrs ago.
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    Most people limit themselves to the extent that they diminish their own 'vitality' and well being. In the US there is a tendency to equate youth with age when in fact it is the general stamina, curiosity, fitness level that is an indicator of youth as opposed to age. In US, at least 50% and greater of youth are unable to pass a generalized fitness test, or they are too fat or just plain lazy.

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    i have learned it's best to stand up to any dipsh!t, to look them in the eyes, and growl.

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    I would have stuck with kung fu since childhood instead of jumping from kung fu to tae kwon do to karate then finalyl back to kung fu, but perhaps I wasnt ready for the teaching so i guess I regret nothing
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    Started younger.
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    ............................ keep it same/same
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    Funny, I couldn't think of much either David. It is what it is, the sum of a lifetime.

    I do feel I got a couple of lucky breaks along the way, nothing I did, other than go with the flow.

    I can say what I actively did that I'm glad of....

    I started sport as a young fella' - wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and physical training to match.

    Those loose tendons and that adolescent muscle structuring stuck with me a long time. As did the dynamics of 'ringcraft', courage, balance....

    I'm glad I learned by watching guys who couldn't speak English and talk tongue-fu, so you had to observe and mimic physically.

    I'm glad I did full contact with 8 oz gloves and a mouthguard when I was young enough to take the punishment.

    I'm glad I stayed committed to a rich style, and for the depth I've been able to discover.
    -- and there were massive flat spots, years perhaps, but likewise, massive discoveries.

    Oh yea, also glad I did a few months of BJJ.....

    Goodnight Johnboy..
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