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    Have have rock solid proof that james sun is not and never was the inheriter of the 8 step style. Yhese people who follow him ( cult people) have never seen real Kung Fu. Open your eyes and choak down a bagel. All you people have to do is the same thing i did.....E-MAIL real Mantis Sifus and Masters. They can tell you all about who the real Masters of 8 Step are and were you can find them. All this bull about people being upset because he became a master is just that.... BULL!!!. Please dont throw away your time and money anymore. Do research, open your eyes. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]

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    8stepsifu Guest


    Supposing you are right. You have all this proof? Lets see it. Lets hear about it? E-mail masters? Yeah right.
    OK hypothetically lets say you are right. I'm a cult person and thats great. Who else am I going to teach anything close to what Master Sun is going to teach me. All I know is what I have become through "Shyun Franchise fake kung fu training" and its better than or at least equal to everythign out there. AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGGINING FOR ME!! Compared to what I will be, I am nothing. So supposing that there are other Masters that can jump higher and know more than Master what? They obviously aren't teaching here. I haven't gone through arduous training with them. Are you suggesting that by opening my eyes that I go to Taiwan and learn from some guy who say's he's a master? Give me a break. Since it really can't be proven one way or another...who's telling folklore? Maybe those "masters" are feeding you B.S. I know, I know you have all this "proof" but that doesn't mean anything to me. Even if I see it, I know that what I've got going is the best thing around. If he is a crook [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] he's our crook and I'm sticking by him. He's my Grandmaster, I have seen what his instruction has done for me, my Sifu and other Sifus and the lives of practitioners throughout the schools. I have seen Master Sun's ability and felt him. Other than a newborn baby I've never felt anyone with such warm chi flow. But by all means, I am not stopping you from backing up any of your claims. Please give up some proof. Amuse us. Put it out there. I am not afraid of any of these allegations. What you post on here wont keep any students out of anyone's school. You may try to libel him, but other Chinese Masters that don't claim 8 Step know and respect him. How about these back wood masters? ah well who cares. I know what I know, and I know that I've got a lifetime of new material and training ahead of me, thats enough for me [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    8Step Sifu

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    nhbfighter_57069 Guest

    Who Are They?

    I was just wondering who these 8step masters are that you speak of?
    Also, what is "fake" kung fu?
    I do resent the fact that I am now a "cult member."
    If what you say if true, then my sifu took his "fake" kung fu and got my ready for a "real"
    NHB fight. By the way it was Gladiators X held in Omaha, NE,

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