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Thread: Capoeira

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    ELFdisciple Guest
    I am HIGHLY interested in this art, if anyone knows anything about it let me know please!


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    Tvebak Guest

    Bring em on (Questions?)

    I Have practised capoeira for 6 years, so im still kind of a beginner but if you have some questions i would be happy to give my opinion on them.

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    joedoe Guest
    Great to watch, and I can see the fighting movements in the dance. I don't know much more than that.

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    ELFdisciple Guest
    First thing, how in the world do you fight while doing handstands? Is that how most of the moves are done or is that just what the world sees due to media hype and things like that? What is the background/philosophy of the art, what motivates its moves? How effective is it compared to other arts? Other than just raw physical strength, what other things are needed to perform the art? Does it have locks? Does it hit vitals? If I don't have the flexibility to perform some of the moves, what then? Fighting has a beat, a tempo, learning that tempo and learning how to break that tempo is part of MA. I know this art looks like dancing and some even say that it was developed that way to hide its combat applications. So does this art teach that concept of a tempo and of breaking that tempo? Are there any people in the world who are considered the 'authorities' on the art? What keeps 'Billy Bad-a$$' from setting up a school and teaching something he claims is Capoiera? Do you have to have an instructor looking over you're shoulder every minute or can this art be taught at a distance?

    Hmmm.... I guess thats it, I've got more questions but I can't think of them right now.


    Lineage holder and direct disciple to the 37th Patriarch of Emperor's Long-Fist

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    Tvebak Guest


    Please remember that im not a master or anything, and take my answers as an experienced students answars.Fighting while doing handstands? Many of the movements in capoeira are ritualised, including standing on the hands in many different ways, witch in african culture often is accosiated with "entering another world" by turning things upside down, besides this there are many powerful and effektive kicks and scissors done by balancing on one or two hands, some of them can be found in slightly different versions in other MA For instance Ahihara karate.
    You are very right with the media hype, people like to se things like handstands and jumps very much, this is the showoff part of the art you most likely will see.
    Im sorry but i have to go training now...i will continue when i get back.

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    Stranger Guest
    Is all Capoeira Brazilian? What is Capoeira Angola? (Actually from Angola :confused: ) I have heard that some styles look completely unlike the high flying version we see on American TV. What is your experience with Capoeira infighting skills (ie headbutts, knees, stomping kicks, and elbow?) How developed are the hand strikes? Are there any weapons? Can the maestros still fight while cuffed in chains as the founders could?

    Thanks for sharing your experience in this rare art.

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    Tvebak Guest


    The Filosofi of capoeira is a vast subjekt, often it is called Malandragem, malicia or mandinga.
    Its roots is in the oppresion of the slaves and the need they had to mask their aggression and through sabotage and assasination maybe win their freedom, allso a lot of the filosofi is about getting together and keeping up the spirit even though you are being oppressed.
    Capoeira has been kept alive after the end of slavery by bandits and hustlers, their attitude is also to be found in both the moves and filosofi of capoeira.
    I have a problem with understanding what you mean by what motivates the moves...sorry English is not my primary language, if you could explain a bit?
    How effective is capoeira compared to other arts? Hmmm Capoeiristas devide their time between learning acrobatics,music,rituals,and fighting techniques, so a complete capoeirista may not have learned as much about fighting as other arts.I would never claim capoeira to be "the ultimate MA" i wouldent even rekomend people to learn it for selfdefence only, but in learning to be a fighter capoeira has a lot of things to offer, some i have not seen in any other arts.
    You dont need so much fycical strength to do capoeira, what you need most of all is in your head, your ability to be creative,tricky and keep alert.
    Capoeira locks...the art contains some moves that could be called locks, but in aplication they are meant to break joints, these moves go against the ankels,knees,wrists,elbows,shoulders,neck and back. In capoeira its consider wrong to hold on to the other player, so you only grap short enogh time to topple,throw,or bring him down. Of course this "rule" is only inside the Roda, and even there grappling and groundfighting happens sometime.
    Hitting vitals...The attacks in capoeira have targets, some of them very harmfull even deadly so if thats what you mean by vitals then yes.
    If you dont have the flexebility you will either get it by training or find another way to achieve the goal of the move by another move, or both.
    Even though a capoeira class will follow the same tempo there is a heavy empfasis on changching the tempo and beat in all good capoeira schools, but during the game of capoira following the rythm of the music forces you to think more about your solutions and strategies of course if noone breaks the rythm the game may very fast become boring and pointless.
    About Billy and his capoeira school, their may be some other teacher in the area who will test him, but basicly capoeira is about coming together, so when billys student go to a capoeira meeting and sees the real stuff he will have some questions to answer.
    As in any other art, having someone expeirienced to help is a good thing, but ultimatly in a capoeira group, everyone should learn from each other.
    If there is some of the things i have written you find not is enough, please tell me.

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    Tvebak Guest


    Capoeira angola is the name used for people that follow a more traditional and ritualised method, there are many diffrent forms within this, some are very close to the ground, some not some are slowmotion, some are surprisingly fast.
    And there are different games played by angolerios and played in diffrent ways.
    Capoeira "styles" can be vary very much, some do a lot of acrobatics,or kicks,sweeps,throws,hand or headtechnique. Some is far more usefull for fighting than others, its all up to the teacher.
    Capoeira has a vast array of infighting tools, of which the warious headbutts are the most famous, the ginga provides good blocks for the capoeirista and contains basis for hard punches and elbows. punches are often done with open hands also straightline or sweeping fingerattacks to the eyes or throat is very populair, especially in capoeira angola.
    The same moves easely become hand chops.
    The elbows are often used as an offensive defence to injure the opponents attacking hands or legs.
    The knees are used in various diffrent ways,also some angoleiros use sranding on the opponents toes.
    Small scraping sweeps,throws,scissors,and takedown are also used.
    May capoeiristas also use straight kicks to the knees and the hips very well.
    Some people think that capoeira contains no or little hand technique, they are very wrong, but some scholls of capoeira dont teach these things.
    Almost all the handtechnique in capoeira is in the ginga, but if you tell it to beginners they forget the ginga and consentrate on the arms, and then its useless.
    About weapons, traditional capoeira weapons would be knives and clubs, and there are many hidden things for them in the movements, especially in some angola schools, some schools stil play "santa maria" The knife game. Nany diffrent weapons was used by capoeiristas in old days, pointed umbrellas, razors,swords,shoes whith steel points,sticks, clubs, firearms and even a strange knife with an elastic band in it to be thrown and retrived.
    Some techniques exist still in capoeira, frevo and maculele.
    The story about the chained capoeirafighters is kind of silly, how would a slave work properly while wearing such chains?
    I have seen some moves that supposedly should come from this, but i doubt it.
    Sorry about the spelling, it got late.

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    Stranger Guest
    Thanks. You wrote quite a bit, which I appreciate. It shows pride in your art and a willingness to share. Very cool of you indeed. :)

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    Tvebak Guest


    Sharing is what we are here for, i just wish i could show you some of the moves.

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    Daedalus Guest


    If you are wanting to learn capoeira for reasons of general interest in the techniques, history, culture, and health aspects, then go for it. But if you are looking for a self defense system, I'm sad to say that capoeira isn't very practical.

    I know some guys who have trained capoeira for more than 8 years. They are good. But they are just now getting to the point where they can adapt the intricate moves into practical self-defense strategies. And once they adapt the techniques for self-defense, it looks nothing like capoeira.

    Don't get me wrong, capoeira is alot of fun, just don't expect to be able to hold your own in realistic combat with it, at least for awhile.

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    Tvebak Guest


    What you write is very interresting, especially since you base your opinion on actual experience.
    I would be interrested in knowing what form of capoeira your friends practice, i think they probably do some form of modern capoerira (atual,"Regional"). If they want to come into touch with some of the more fighting effiecient capoeira they should try to find someone who teach something close to the original Regional, that is very simple and efficient in my experience.
    It also sounds to me as if they are attempting to apply some of the very advanced acrobatic moivements to fighting, this of course is very difficult compared to using some of the more easy movement, for instance, did they use mostly kicks or did they use varied attacks (kicks,punches,throws,sweeps,scissors etc).
    As i have written earlyer i would not recomend people to take capoeira if they only want to learn selfdefence, capoeira is capoeira and should be practiced to learn capoeira.
    I have trained with all other MA i have had the chance to, and had matches with many students from diffrent styles, many of them was surprised by the things that capoeira contains that seemed un-capoeira like for many of them.
    Dont take this as an attack, but i belive that there are many things in capoeira that you and your freinds have never seen, i hope you will.

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    ELFdisciple Guest
    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the responses here. Now I have a much better understanding of this art, I am still very interested and I intend to one day start taking lessons. I'm a little busy now, but when the opportunity presents itself I will investigate further. If anyone wants to give me any more information I would be happy to learn it. I find this art to be so very interesting and unique! I like unique things!


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    Kristoffer Guest

    "maybe not in combat..... but think of the chicks man, the chicks!"

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    Son_Goku Guest

    Is it....

    Is it anything like the character "Eddy Gordo" shows it out to be like in the PlayStation game "TEKKEN 3"?
    And my friend and I are dieing to learn the form. Can anyone point us in the right direction for a dojo / kwoon /"place of training" ( what do you call a Capoeira place of training? )?
    The both of us live in the Lindenhurst / Lake Villa area of Illionis, and we are, again, dieing to learn this great and somewhat mysterious martial art.
    Thanks alot.

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