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Thread: Capoeira

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    Tvebak Guest

    Ny X

    Capoeira can be used for many thÃ*ngs, selfdefence is one of them.
    But since the art has so many aspects it may not be the most effective.
    What kind of capoeira do you practice? Traditional Regional for instance is a very effective system.
    Also Who is your teacher?

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    NyHc Guest
    This is the school I attended:

    It was kind of a freak thing. I've been studying Kung Fu for the past two years.
    But, my girlfriend at the time took Capoeira at this place and kept trying to get me to come and take a few classes.
    So I went for a few weeks and wasn't 100% sold on it (at least in comparison with Chinese MA's).

    I was just interested in other people's thoughts.

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    Tvebak Guest

    Capoeira in NY..

    I Think that Mestre Accordeon Teaches in NY, if he does go check him out.
    He is really great in my wiew.

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    8 Sweaty Palms Guest

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    NyHc Guest


    Oh, trust me, I'm not looking for a school. I was already taking Kung Fu while I attended this school. Capoeira just didn't do anything for me.
    CMA's are far superior in my book :)

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    Tvebak Guest

    Ny X

    To each his own, but seing a master of any dicipline will always have an effect on you (on me anyways).
    Good luck with your training.

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    NyHc Guest


    I'm sorry, do you study Capoeira?
    That comment about CMA's being superior was in poor taste and I apologize. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone on this forum.

    If Capoeira looked "different"(better word) to me, I'm sure it's just because I didn't understand it fully.

    My deepest apologies to anyone who studies Capoeira!

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    Tvebak Guest

    Ny X

    Yes i study capoeira, have done so for a bit over 6 years, so im just a beginner.
    And no need to apoligice, you just gave you honest opinion, nothing wrong with that.
    One of the great things about Capoeira is that many people think its not dangerous, and that makes it twice as dangerous.
    I have been practicing chinese MA for over 4 years and have a great respect for the styles i have tried, i still do Taichi&Hsingyi.
    Here in denmark we actually have a Ninjitsuteacher and a Gungfuteacher who does Capoeira, both say that the art help each other.
    I feel that this is true.

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    Kymus Guest
    I plan on taking Capoeria sometime soon. Mainly because of the fact that since it's similar to break dancing, it will help tone my body. It also looks like it could be a ton of fun to do with some friends. I am interested in sparring someone who does Capoeria because it is so much different from the classical styles. That's why I like Ba Gua alot because of the fact that you walk circles around the opponent.


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    Tvebak Guest


    My Taichiteacher have told me that bagua and capo have many things in common. He said that i someone could master both arts then that person would be able to attack from any angle.
    I hope he starts teaching some bagua soon.

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    Insynergy Guest
    I took my first capoeira class a few days ago. I don't doubt that an experienced player would be a dangerous opponent, but I am doing it for the fun of it really - and to try to develop some sense of rhythm :)
    tell you what though, muscles are sore today that I didn't even know existed!! all the posterior muscles between my knees and middle back know they had a good workout. plus hip flexors

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    Tvebak Guest


    Who is your teacher? i know some capoeiristas in australia, just wonderring if it snybody i know.
    Good luck with your training, capoeira can be a MA but nobody said it has to be that for you, but it probably will be soner or later.

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    the running guy Guest

    The "Oh ****!" reaction

    One of the strengths of capoeira is that the moves are very unorthodox. I used to play capoeira (until our instructor lost the lease to the school). Anyway, every time I was in the roda and one of the advanced students did an acrobatic technique I'd breifly think "Oh ****!" because I didn't even see it coming. Capoeira has a great deal of moves that will surprise an opponent, thus giving the capoeirista the advantage. Also, capoeira groundfighting (groundfighting not grappling) is incredibly effective, because it allows the capoeirista to throw fast kicks from the ground with a smaller risk of being swept

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    Budokan Guest
    Personally, I don't think much of it, but what's important is that you may find it really works for you. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

    K. Mark Hoover

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    jbmmaster Guest


    I know most of everyone has heard of this Martial arts. What do you think of this art personally? I mean Im thinking about doing this art, some of the moves aquire alot of upper body strength to stand on the hands.

    This Brazilian style is good in away because it confuses your opponent which gives you the advantage. Does anyone here do Capoiera?

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