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Thread: Capoeira

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    wu_de36 Guest
    You may or may not find this interesting:

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    kwokfist Guest


    Capoeira Article Confirmed... and Questions...

    Today we had an Editors' meeting. For those who did not read my last post on the subject, I am the Arts and Media Editor of a local newspaper in Washington and I have decided to pursue an article on Capoeira.

    Anyways, I am wondering if anyone knows any credible informational sites/pages on Capoeira.

    Also, I am still wondering if anyone who has experience in Capoeira would like to have any of their pictures in action to be used in the article (you will get credit etc. etc. i will scan the page for you to see when it comes out etc. etc.)

    Timely answers would be appreciated. My deadline for a skeleton draft is this Friday.

    Thanks :)

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Go to my site, located in the link below my sig, go to the portal and check out the Capoiera Link which leads to the Capoirea page listed there, it's the only one I have but it is pretty good info.

    Lot's of pics and listings of schools in the US and internationally.


    Kung Lek

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    Gigante Guest

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    Taoist Disciple Guest
    fantastic site:

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    apoweyn Guest
    Hey Kwokfist,

    No info to add. I just wanted to congratulate you. This is going to be great.

    Stuart B.

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest
    Good deal! I am sure you will produce a great article.

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    kwokfist Guest

    Anyone have an Au Batido picture or some other Capoeira acrobatic-movement?

    same as above o_O.

    I am planning to meet with a capoeira stylist this week, but i am still wondering if anyone here would be willing to contribute a picture of themselves performing an au batido, 540, sweep or outer crescent or something of the like that has even the faintest hint of capoeira.

    you will get credit.

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    apoweyn Guest
    Not my page, but you might try asking this guy:

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    Taoist Disciple Guest
    I would do it for you, but I dont have web cam capability. There are diagrams and animations here though:

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    zen_celt Guest

    Capoeira (but this time it has a twist)

    Hello hello!
    It is once again official booty shakin time at my school(this means the dance concert/recital is coming up). My dance teacher has asked me to come up with a different type of dance than the ones that most other performers are doing(hip hop, Britney Spears etc.) Now, I figured I'd put my experience in KF to work for me and try to teach myself capoeira from the oh so wonderful movie, "Only the Strong". Before I go outside and tear something, though, I would like to ask anyone here who has had experience with this art, how difficult it is to teach oneself( I would like to truly learn and not just for the concert). As much as I would like to sign up at an official school, I'm afriad I'm a bit poor and busy. So... anyone have an idea as to how difficult this might be?

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    Stranger Guest
    Ask Tvebak. He hangs out a lot on the OTHER ARTS forum.

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    grifter721 Guest

    Learning Cap by yourself

    Honestly Zen my bro did Cap for a while and he said it was hard to learn, keeping in mind he is already a good breakdancer.......
    His Maestre said you have to PRACTICE one or two moves for the whole class. And the people who dont get it just dont get it!
    If you can breakdance a lil you will be able to do it, but if you have no previous experience...there is no way you will be able to learn it.....
    Kung fu wont help you on this one , you need A lot more coordination for this one.
    But hey I might be wrong you may breakdance or take it up pretty easily so try it out! But my advice would be, I hope you have a lot of time for practice.

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    wooha Guest
    You can teach yourself a few moves I'm sure. But you're never really going to experience the flavour, the music and the game of Capoeira unless you have a teacher and a group.

    There's a lot more to it than dancing and doing flashy moves.

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    Shaolindynasty Guest
    I think a teacher would help in this one, capoeria is so different from any other MA out there. Since your funds are limited you said you couldn't go to a school but at least get a better tape you can't get it from "Only the Strong"

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