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Thread: Chen Taiji Question

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    Chen Taiji Question

    What is the Chen Taiji Small Circle form? I see that Mike Patterson teaches this form under the name Chen Syau Jyar. I've done the research on the internet and can't find anything on Chen Small Circle or Syau Jyar. Any information would be much appreciated.

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    Perhaps you mean Small frame instead of small circle ?
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    It may be small frame, but his website and DVDs call it small circle. I'm thinking it may be the style from Chen You Ben.

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    s_r has it right: frame is a better known Taiji term in the West, but is synonymous with circles.

    The romanization is peculiar however. I think the romanization has been selected so that it is "easier" for a Western audience to pronounce. The pinyin should be:

    Small frame: xiao jia
    Large frame: da jia

    Old frame: lao jia
    New frame: xin jia

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