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    frosh2786 Guest


    anyone here find tapes a good training source? i know i should go find a shcool but theyare just way too far away, and theres nothign i can do...i just wanna learn...any recommendations much appreciated!

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    Black Jack Guest
    Do you have a martial arts background??

    If you do you will find that tapes are a great way to add certain levels to your game and depth to what you may not have a deep acess to.

    Its a big world out there and tapes make it a lot smaller in scope.

    A serious group to role with is also very important as you need to get out there and drill the living **** out of the tech's on a resisting attacker and spar as much as you can to get a feel for what works for you.

    Let me know what you are looking for and I will give you some good suggestions if I can.

    I have my favorites and I have come across a number of good instructors who have tape series.

    Let me know what style or are you looking for a non-style street combatitives approach?


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    frosh2786 Guest
    i am looking down the trad martial arts road but i would prefer it be somewhat applicable on the street...but not like touch of death stuff you know? im open to all JMA CMA and MMA.dont matter to me but whatever you think i could learn most from. i have been taking aikido. thanks!

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest


    Without previous Martial arts training tapes are useless.. You'll learn about as much from a tape as you could from a Jackie Chan movie. Find a School or Instructor near you. Good Luck.

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