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Thread: The Raid 2 (aka Berandal) starring Iko Uwais

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    I picked up the DVD and still love it. There are some possible issues when watching the DVD. I saw this movie 3 times during its theater run, and on the big screen, it's easy to take the distance shots for granted. But when watching the DVD, those same shots can become a bit annoying (unless you happen to have a gigantic TV, which I don't). In the theater, the distance shots can be understood; but on an average-sized TV, it's like trying to watch tiny ants. Otherwise, except for maybe a different line or two in the English subtitles (during the prison dining room scene), everything is as it was in the theatrical release.

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    I found the blu-ray on Amazon.
    Not sure if it is the unrated or if there is an unrated version...
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    The Raid 2

    I thought this was the best movie I've seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the krambit scene at the end. Way unrealistic but fantastically brutal.

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