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Thread: 1300 Techniques ???????

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    Highlander Guest

    1300 Techniques ???????

    The other thread seems to be going in several directions so I thought I'd break this one out?

    KF ......... I was quite surprised when you posted that you had learned over 1300 BJJ techniques. I really had no idea there were that many. Of the 1300, how may do you feel proficient at? How do you practice that many moves?

    For everyone ...... How many moves do you know, and how many moves do you feel a person has to know to be a good ground fighter?

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    Knifefighter Guest
    I feel that I am somewhat proficient at most of the techs that I have learned over the years. Some of the techs I don’t use because I don’t feel they are suited to me. I also run into the problem of forgetting to use some of them in the appropriate situations. I am constantly going back through my notes and going over techs that I have been leaving out of my repetoire.

    I don’t know how many techs you need to be a good ground fighter, but it is a lot.

    Sparring lets you practice a lot of techniques. I am going to guess that I might use anywhere from 30 to 100 techs in 15 to 20 minutes of sparring.

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