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Thread: New Tiger Schulman Story

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    bdragon Guest

    New Tiger Schulman Story

    My girlfriend is at the mall yesterday.......and we both take Northern Logfist, Tiger Schulman's was out if force doing one of its Hitler Youth Rallys or whatever and they come up to her and start talking to her, she mentions to them that she takes Kung Fu and they are like, forget that forget everything else this is the best system there is hands down. She laughed in their face and walked away........

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    oldwolf Guest
    I used to do northern log fist when I worked as a lumberjack, hit people with firking great planks of wood. :D :D :D :D

    "And the crowd called out for more"

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    bdragon Guest
    Man sometimes my typing skills suck!!!!!!!

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    Radhnoti Guest
    oldwolf, I used to study Tai Chi C'RUN! It got me out of a few bad places. Now I'm into Choy Li Footlongknife, most guys won't even look at me cross.


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