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Thread: Ralek's claim to fame

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    ShaolinTiger00 Guest

    Ralek's claim to fame

    Ralek -" So going in a full contact fight with a national level san shou fighter is a coward? I guess that means Marvin Perry is a coward since he fought the same guy i did."

    Josh, We both know you love saying things like this to make the traditional guys flip out. but 2 things..

    1. We didn't fight. We sparred.
    2. I wasn't going full contact. Were you?

    A strong man controls others. A man who controls himself is truly powerful. -Lao Tzu

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    SanShou Guru Guest
    I know this is not ralek’s post but to try to set the record straight:

    If Shaolin Tiger fought in the ’97 nationals then he did not in fact fight Marvin Perry he fought Robert Bouyer, also African American and also from Boston and about the same size and also throws side kicks. If Shaolin Tiger may have been Marvin’s first fight in ’98 nationals but Marvin is fairly sure that that is not the fact. IN ’98 Marvin beat Mike Altman I the semi-finals and Dan Garret in the Finals. No offence in tended Shaolin Tiger, but I will check my tape of ’97 and ’98 and figure it out for sure.

    ralek please refrain from using Marvin Perry’s name in your silly arguments. You belittle his achievements as a fighter by even mentioning any connection between your skill or your opponents. If you would like to challenge Marvin then fight and win in some national level event and I can arrange a shot at one of his titles. If you want to see him fight you can come to NY Showdown 5 on September 8th in NY.

    Marvin will train more today then you will this month. His sparring partners are better than any opponent you are like to get to come to Fredrick (2 former and one current US national team members). Why would any serious competition fighter ever consider accepting one of your challenges? The real fighters have nothing to prove. Shaolin Tiger is in semi-retirement (hope you come back soon) and has yet to be considered one of the top San Shou fighters.

    There are two top San Shou fighters in your area but my guess is neither of them would bother to fight you. Why would they? Do you know how much they would be made fun or for accepting a challenge from a kid who learned to fight by playing video games?

    You can talk all the trash you want, I think it is really funny actually, but again please DO NOT use Marvin’s name in your arguments.

    San Shou Guru

    "Information is power"

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    ShaolinTiger00 Guest

    Reeling in the Years

    Hello again Guru,

    I was mistaken about the years I went to Baltimore. I had said it was 96 -98, but in fact it was 97 -99 . apologize for that. I found my videos as well.
    Robert Bouyer ? Shrug? That might be a possibility, maybe the announcer got the two mixed up and said Marvin's name instead. As you know the nationals at Baltimore at that time were one step up from a high school wrestling tournament. If he was in that weight division, I'll beleive it and I'd apologize for the error.

    semi retirement. sad but true.. I need to get back in touch with Dan and possibly Julio and find a way to get a steady training workout again. problem is distance right now. I'm already over an hour and a half away from Mike Barry. Dan would be over an hour drive. etc..
    I've been thinking very much about fighting muy thai, just to get back in condition/endurance, but I know my throws will not improve.
    Also being a married man with a child now has changed my priorities as well. You may understand that.

    As to why I met this guy. -because I could. In person he was a nice guy and we sparred for a few minutes and laughed. talked about general things. maybe on the computer he is the Ultimate Warrior (striking arts learned from computer games, Even He thinks that is Too Funny!). In person he's just a young man who was interested in effective martial arts. he sees kung fu as flowery. Frankly I see some kungfu the same way, but from my own training, I know what works, and what doesn't for me.

    I'm glad to have another Sanshou guy on the forum. Traditional CMA often know little about it and dismiss it as "kickboxing", a term that is the bain of the martial arts world. automatically assumed to be worthless and impractical.

    A strong man controls others. A man who controls himself is truly powerful. -Lao Tzu

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    SanShou Guru Guest
    No problem Tiger. One of our former students is in Baltimore and he is doing Muay Thai now. He trains at the Baltimore Boxing Gym I belive with Honeycutt and Garret (when they are there). He drives to a Full time Thai School in Richmond on the weekends I believe. Let me know if you want me to try and get more information for you.

    I really do have to watch the fight tapes. you may have fought Marvin in the first round in '98 but I have to check. If you do want to get back into competition let me know and I can see what events are comming up and let you know. Goh's nationals is in Florida this year.

    "Information is power"

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    qeySuS Guest

    I must admit

    The computer game crosstraining makes me laugh too :D Although i find it hard to beleave that Josh has come become a competent fighter in only 4 months. I personally think he is just a troll having fun, but i also think that MAY (notice MAY) have been his brother that fought you. Why? Because 4 months ago in the post where Rolls was exposed as being "Josh the computer major that has never practiced anything except karate" it was exposed that rolls never did any MA at all and his brother was the one doing BJJ.

    Now it is possible that he started training then and became so good that he got a draw with you (seeing you have a lot more experience). But i somehow doubt it :)

    But it's cool nontheless.

    Free thinkers are dangerous!

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    ShaolinTiger00 Guest

    lets discuss this "draw"

    One last time: it wasn't a fight. There was no winner or loser. sounds like a draw to me, but if you want to get picky...

    Considering while we were standing that he didn't put a finger on me, while I kicked him repeatedly, I'd say that the "winner" of that is pretty obvious.
    After I did a Takedown (because I got tired of chasing him) Josh went into his guard, where he tapped me and I tapped him back when I didn't have a hand resting on his throat. sounds pretty **** neutral to me.

    A strong man controls others. A man who controls himself is truly powerful. -Lao Tzu

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    Stranger Guest
    Josh would freak if we started counting his fight with ST as a loss instead of a non-fight. :p ;)

    Sounds like a plan to me.

    Ralek's fight record 0-1

    I don't get mad.
    I get stabby.

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    Dark Knight Guest
    Why dont you drive up and beat him around the room for us?

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    ShaolinTiger00 Guest
    Josh knows that anytime he'd like to spar again, that I am available. Honestly he's a big boy @ 6'-6" and 190 lbs. If he trained in "anything" regularly he'd be a competant fighter. I'd enjoy working out with him again. I've been practicing the guard and mount as well. Sharing information with people is what it is all about.

    btw, Stranger I love that "stabby" reference from Fat Tony of the Simpsons.

    A strong man controls others. A man who controls himself is truly powerful. -Lao Tzu

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    NafAnal Guest
    Ralek is just trolling. All this stuff about computer game training is too ridiculous to take seriously. I'm guessing he had prior training if he fought someone of a decent level.

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    LEGEND Guest
    6FT 6INCHES and 190lbs??? Dude this guy could put on at least 20 to 40 more pounds and be a heavy!!! Shaolin Tiger...if u would like to learn how to pass the guard there's the sport way( fun ) and the STREET/MMA/NHB way( ouch )...let me know if u're interested...I can either supply u with a link or teach exchange...u show me SAN SHOU entry to a takedown...I'm starting to love it! Too bad I'm a fly weight!


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    ShaolinTiger00 Guest
    I'd love to take you up on that offer to show me.
    I've got your e-mail from your profile so I'll contact you. In the meantime, show me that link!

    Without a doubt he could def gain more weight to his advantage. He's young and still has alot of time.

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    Ralek Guest
    Shaolin Tiger. Did you try a Dim Mak move on me when i had you in guard? I remember you doing some sort of claw or pinch. Was that a chi move? I'm just wondering.

    Your practicing mount and guard now?

    I think i could nuetralize marvin Perry. Just the way i nuetralized you. I nuetralized you very good. I pretty much shut down all of your punches, but the round house hit my leg once and a while but it really didn't hurt me.

    Brazilian jiujitsu is superior.

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    brokenfist Guest
    Why do I have the feeling that, even though I've only had six jiu-jitsu classes, I could put a whuppin' on Ralek. By the way, my background is boxing with current training in Muay Thai. I've done a little Kung Fu at a McKwoon, but it wasn't for me.
    What do you say Ralek/Rolls/Josh/Ashida Kimmy?

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    SevenStar Guest
    because you could. Joshy is a puss that swears by his vid fu.

    Step right up and get it -- whoever wants [defeat]
    Come not between the dragon and his wrath...

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