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Thread: Shaolin Kempo Karate... Thoughts?

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    jennreese Guest

    Shaolin Kempo Karate... Thoughts?


    I just started studying "Shaolin Kempo Karate" at a Fred Villari's Self-Defense Studio. It's described as a mix of "Kung Fu, Karate, and Jiu Jitsu."

    I've wanted to learn a martial art for a very long time, but have been too intimidated to start. This school came recommended as having a comfortable atmosphere and a higher percentage of women students. Since I really wanted to learn some form of Kung Fu (despite the proliferation of TKD studios in the area), I'm trying it out.

    I've been taking classes for five weeks and I really enjoy it, but I'm interested in learning more about the school's or the style's reputation. I'm trying to make sense out of this large, confusing new world.

    Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Silumkid Guest
    Hi Jenn,

    To be honest with you, I know very little about Fred Villari or his style of martial arts. However, it is generally considered "wrong" for a karate style to associate with the Shaolin name. Take that as you will.

    I think someone was posting info about Fred Villair previously. Try a search under Villari or Shaolin Kempo and I'm sure you'll find something.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.


    We are trained in wushu; we must protect the Temple!

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    jennreese Guest


    Thanks for the suggestion to search, although I wish I hadn't done so. :)

    I like the school, the other students, and my instructor very much, so I think I'll just be happy with that and try to ignore everything I just read. ;)

    Just for the record, though, I'm interested in finding other KF schools in the Glendale/Pasadena CA area. Feel free to email so as not to clog the forum. (Or is there a more appropriate place I should have asked that?)

    Thanks again,

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    nobody Guest you'll ever need

    i looked these schools up for you but i dont know how good they are or thier reps, but this is what i found. :D

    Asia Arts Kung Fu Club Studio
    Pasadena, CA. 91050
    (626) 583-9009

    Chinese Kung Fu San Soo & Tai Chi Chuan
    2826 E Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, CA. 91107
    (626) 568-0577

    Shan Tung Kung Fu Associate
    1154 E Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA. 91106
    (626) 577-0525

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    nobody Guest

    oh btw

    if you can make a drive to san francisco then you are in luck, because that is the mecca of kung fu when it comes to the States

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    omegapoint Guest

    No Shaolin in Karate?

    Shorin=Shaolin in Japanese, as in Shorin Ryu (Flow)
    Shorinji=Shaolin temple, as in Shorinji Kempo and the Okinawan Suidi (Shorin Ryu) style of Chotoku Kyan, Shorinji Ryu
    How are you gonna call yourself a martial artist, when you don't even know the history of all Chinese-based fighting traditions?
    These names are not modern manifestations, either.

    I think that Villari Kenpo might be a little more comprehensive fighting style than say, TKD or White Lotus Kung Fu. Try it. It might be cool, and if Villari was a Pinoy then he probably knew more about street defense than the average American McDojo Sinsay! Later and good training!

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    Silumkid Guest
    OK omegapoint,

    I am very aware of Shorinji Ryu, however, if you re-read my post you will see that I said "generally speaking". Jenn asked a specific question to which I provided a general answer. Also, I have very rarely heard Shorinji-Ryu referred to as "karate".

    In short, before you decide to question my "martial artistry", you should learn how to spell martial arts words like "Sensei". Besides, if you are one of those *******es who says you're the "real" martial artist and everybody else isn't, you got more serious problems than your lack of grammer skills.

    We are trained in wushu; we must protect the Temple!

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    Silumkid Guest

    Glad to help (such that it was). As long as you are enjoying what you are doing, have at it!

    By the way, how far is Pasadena from Garden Grove? If I remember right, it's fairly far, isn't it? I was going to suggest a school, but if it's too far to drive, it won't do you much good.


    We are trained in wushu; we must protect the Temple!

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    omegapoint Guest

    Sinsay=Saying Sin you Einstein...

    Don't frikkin' tell me about spelling foolio! I'm a freakin' Grad student. I was making a play on words, Mister Astute. I never said a **** thing about any arts supremacy, but obviously you believe that your Kung Poop is untouchable, as is evident from your reply to homegirl.

    Generally speaking, will get you in hella trouble, Coo-Coo Cal! Shorinji is Shorin so stop with the sneaky diss you genius!
    Sensei Seer

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    Ironpig Guest

    Do what you like

    If you concern yourself with reputation you will find that the school you go to has none.

    There will always be people who will nay say and grief post crap about whatever you do.

    Just look for truth in the techniques, expose yourself to as many arts and practitioners as possible and be open to the idea that you may not have the be all end all art that is advertised.

    Did I mention have fun?

    I left Fred Villari's because I couldn't get a straight answer from the top masters on lineage and where the forms came from. When I asked one too many times I was told that I was being disrespectful. WTF? If they didnt know they could have just said so, I would still be there researching the answers myself.

    Your experience may be different, have a great time and try to pull good skills and some friends from ANY experience.

    just a few pennies from a pig.....
    -"bigger is BIGGER"


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    MixedMartialArtist Guest


    Way to be Ironpig...some common sense and good advice.

    As long as you're comfortable, having fun, and learning, the style and the teacher don't matter all that much. Every style has strengths and weaknesses. No matter what style you choose, someone on this thread will try to tell it's no good. Don't worry about the people who tell you you're wrong, just enjoy yourself.

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    rogue Guest
    I was a student at a SKK school. It wasn't as bad as I make it out to be. The reason I left after collecting an arm load of belts, was that during testing I'd use the techniques I learned from Jujitsu.

    I did learn about striking at SKK and did have a goodtime.

    Rogue, you're an @ss!! Watchman

    Adventure is just a romantic name for trouble. It sounds swell when you write about it, but it's hell when you meet it face to face in a dark and lonely place.
    Louis L'Amour

    BTW, did I mention that Rogue was an @ss? Watchman

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    Dark Knight Guest
    The style is a good system. From White to black you learn Karaste. Its not until the BB levels that you really get into kung Fu.

    The forms are generic Karate forms. many different styles teach them, the advantage is if you go somewhere else you have a lgitiamate base, not something someone made up so they couldopen thier own school.

    You will find that the stlye flows vwery nice, it smooths out the karate, and gives it more coplexity.

    Like many styles, it has good instructors and crappy ones. Villaris biggest downfall is quality controll, if you have a good instructor stay with it, if not find another.

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    Ironpig Guest


    Having practiced with people on the east coast, the west coast and the midwest, I NEVER saw anything that resembled Chinese martial arts.

    This includes the nightmare of looking at the Tai Chi that John Fritz was selling.

    Having learned traditional Karate forms from Kyokushinkai and Shotokan, I can say without reservation that Villaris does not teach these forms.

    Spending the last six plus years working with Wushu and Kuoshu people, I can also say that theres nothing in there that resembles a chinese form.

    Sorry to so vehemently disagree, but Villari's is a bunch of altered made up forms at every level.

    just a few pennies from a pig.....
    -"bigger is BIGGER"


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    Dark Knight Guest
    "Sorry to so vehemently disagree, but Villari's is a bunch of altered made up forms at every level."

    I have run across the forms in other systems, Shutokan uses the pinions, among other Karate styles Ive seen, even George Dillman has them on tape.

    I forget where I ran across the Kata's, but I have seen them elsewhere also.

    I have not seen the animal forms elsewhere, but they could be his own creation. (Dont know..or care)

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