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Thread: Don't ask Don't Tell Repeal

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Jamieson View Post
    Bottom line is this.

    A man and wife team on the front where the man watches his wife's head get turned into a cloud of red dust will degrade morale faster than salt makes a pancake taste crappy. And vice versa.

    I think the psychology of warfare dictates the gender circumstances in relation to morale.
    I agree to an extent, if there is a military couple (married) the chances of being "over there" are pretty slim. In order for a man to watch his wife be killed by gun fire (in this particular instance) they would have to be in the same job, and same shift under the same supervision, which does not happen. If it does it is poor management. However I am speaking strickly from an Air Force veiwpoint.

    David, I'm not trying to start something, I'm just speaking from experience. In the current amount of time I've been in (short 5 years) I've worked quite a few married coupples in the same job however diffrent offices and they have been deployed at diffrent times. Right at this moment I have 4 people in my office alone that are married to military but they have diffrent jobs.
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    i can only speak for myself, but i wouldnt care one way or the other... as long as i trust their skills and judgment, we're good... i couldnt care any less whether the guy beside me, that is also being shot at, sucks d!ck or not... if he shoots back good, ima happy camper...

    as for married couples doing missions together... bad idea... very bad idea... people will take extraordinary measures to protect the people they love... no kids either... if you're some base commander, your kid shouldnt even be in the same theater... its hard enough to watch people you work with get killed... losing family will push people over the edge more often than with just co-workers...

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