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Thread: Buk Sing CLF vs Muay Thai

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanjuro_ronin View Post
    Do you know why BJJ, MT , Boxers and wreslters never get these issues?

    Because they very rarely demo anything and when they do, it looks 100% like when they fight, or close enough.
    But TMA tend to liek to demo things unrealitically, to make their system look uber-cool, but when they fight for real, even though the core of the system is there, it doesn't look like what was demo, case in point: WC and Kenpo.
    word. unfortunately this gives a serious false sense of security to those who don't pressure test their sh1t.

    don't get me wrong, i like forms and they are VERY useful. but they are, by no means whatsoever, a valid form of combat training on their own. they promote many qualities needed to be not only a good fighter, but a healthy one as well. but they are only a part of realistic training.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Olson View Post
    I can't speak for WC or Kenpo but alot of TCMA uses over exaggerated circles to train body mechanics and prevent the fighter from tightening up and using uncoordinated strength.

    When you see it applied correctly, it's usually shortened up, faster and with less flair so it looks like kickboxing. That's not a failing of TCMA but rather a failing of knowing the difference between forms and application.

    Wushu is the ultimate expression of that. Forms totally divorced from any real application.

    That's the theme throughout Kung Fu, everything is exaggerated. Look at Gung Bu. It's a natural fighting stance, just very exaggerated. Not so you will fight like that, but so you will strengthen your legs while your training and get used to rooting for developing striking power...I really think it's an ingenious method of training, as long as you recognizance it as such and don't get too literal.

    Everyone seems to get that we keep our guard up when we fight, we don't keep our hands in chamber, but when it comes to the other stuff, they get way too literal.

    There's a loose group of friends I train with in an MMA setting. I was teaching someone how to throw an east-west kick, (aerial inside crescent into a spinning outside crescent kick, in the opposite direction,) someone asked "how would that be practical?" So I demonstrated on my partner, throwing a regular inside crescent at his face as a fake, and stepping in to connect with the spinning crescent...pretty simple technique...the jumping and kicking in different directions is much harder. It's for strength, coordination and agility.

    If I just practice the basic kick application, it's pretty easy and I only get so much out of it. Practicing it as "east-west" kick, I get so many more benefits for my training. I told him it's like running with weights on. If I can do the harder version of the technique well, how simple will the easy application be? You really feel like you can fly when you take the weights off and start running.

    I find guys that train modern MAs get it when it's explained this way, unless they're very dense...

    That's what form training and a lot of other methods of TCMA training are...running with weights on.
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    Lineage of General Lacey, through Sifu Nick Lizos of the Melbourne Buck Sing Gwoon:

    Two full-contact fights.
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