Two Special events in VTM April 16th and 18th

The Ving Tsun Museum Proudly Presents

Grand Master Kenneth Lin
Saturday, April 16th

10a-3p Hek Ki Boen Workshop
3:00 p Special VTM Tour
4:30 p Ving Tsun Museum Hall of Fame Award Presentation
5:30 p Special Dinner with the Grand Masters Kenneth Lin

All Instructor Candidate Program members throughout the USA will be in
Dayton, Ohio for this special event.

Kung Fu Day Package: $100 (includes all activities) A la cart: $80 for
workshop; $35 for Dinner; $25 for VTM Tour

About Grand Master Kenneth Lin:
As a Chinese born in Indonesia, Suhu Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk has devoted his
entire lifetime to the field of martial arts starting from age 10.

He began his Fukien Black Flag Eng Chun (Wing Chun) training in or about
1985 with Tai Sukong The Kang Hai (3rd Generation of Black Flag Wing Chun
successor). Suhu Lin also sought instruction from Sukong Tio Tik Kwi. After
an eight-month ?selection? process which tested his patience, strong will
and diligence, Sukong Tio Tik Kwi finally accepted Suhu Lin as an in-door

Since then, Suhu Lin dedicated several hours every day to receive private
instruction from both Tai Sukong The and Sukong Tio after the regular school
hours. Not to mention that there were many countless sessions during his
school semester break where he spent 10 hours training with the Grand
Masters for several years. Seven days per week, he practiced forms, drills,
and weaponry as well as meditation techniques. He has completed all of his
training and has more than 25 years of experience in Black Flag Wing Chun
Kung Fu as of 2010.

While finishing his studies in Management Information systems in 1995, Suhu
Lin was well experienced in teaching Eng Chun, assisting the Grand Masters.

In 2000, Sukong Tio appointed Suhu Lin as the next successor and instructed
Suhu Lin to open his own school.

Grand Master Gary Lam
Monday, April 18th

In cooperation with Sifu Todd Wright, of the Guardian Kung Fu Leadership

3:00 p Special VTM Tour
4:30 p Ving Tsun Museum Hall of Fame Award Presentation
5:30 p Special Dinner with the Grand Masters of two lineages:
Grand Master Gary Lam and Grand Master Kenneth Lin

About Grand Master Gary Lam:

Sifu Gary Lam trained with the Legendary Sifu Wong Shun Leung, for 15 years
and served as the instructor at Wong's school in Hong Kong for an additional
6 years.

As one of Sifu Wong Shun Leung's top student, Sifu Lam put his Wing Chun
skills to test by entering tournaments and destroying the competition. His
excellent fighting skills made him the undefeated champion of the Hong Kong
full Contact Tournament in 1978-1979. His trophies and titles are too
numerous to mention.

In recognition of his Wing Chun skills and character, his Wing Chun peers in
Hong Kong elected him as the President of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Society in

Before coming to the VTM, Grand Master Lam will be in Columbus, Indiana!

Grand Master Gary Lam Workshop
Sat Apr 16th & Sun Apr 17th

Time: 12:30-2:30pm & 3-5pm in Columbus, Indiana Workshop Tuition: $200
Contact Sifu Todd Wright at (812) 372-7100 to Register Today!

Guardian Kung Fu Leadership Academy
1633 N. National Rd
Columbus, In 47201
(812) 372-7100