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Thread: "real fights" video I rented

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    jun_erh Guest

    "real fights" video I rented

    put out by (haven't checked the siteout) This was sort of funny/depressing. a few examples
    1. A bunch of girls (all about 15)beat up a girl for talking to one of their men in front of a liqour store. She gets kicked in the head pretty hard before it's broken up.
    2. generaly alot of shenangans involving bouncers and drunk patrons.
    3. guy does a Ju-Jitsu/ gracie type manuver wrapping his legs around his assailent on the street!! Looks uncomfortable, but now those(us) kung fu guys can't say it's not effective in a real situation.
    4. gang initiations where girls beat up one girl and then hug her. She gets up off the ground flashing the gang sign.
    5. most notably, two guys with mustaches are fighting. One of them, the smaller one, is totally winning. Then the other guy gets him in a headlock and climbs on top of him. When he gets off the little guy is unconscious. So he gives him mouth to mouth!!! the guy finally revives and they share a bottle of water as monster trucks go by them in this sand dune.

    Really beyond the pale :eek:

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    Silumkid Guest
    I saw the commercial for this. Looked pretty crappy, and from the clips I saw, NOBODY on there was a trained anything!

    That jumping in of the gang members is pretty old news...did she go the 69 seconds or 69 minutes? From what I know of having hung with a few L.A. Crips in the day, 69 minutes was how you got the most respect.

    We are trained in wushu; we must protect the Temple!

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    rogue Guest
    I still like the Toughman Competitions on FX.

    "Americans don't have the courage to come here," Mullah Mohammed Omar, leader of the Taliban who right about now is getting jiggy with his first of 70 virgins.

    “Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.” Last words of Todd Beamer heard over his mobile line right before rushing a hijacker.

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    Budokan Guest
    Sounds like they had a lot of cat fights on this video.

    K. Mark Hoover

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