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Thread: progress with fibromyalgia

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    progress with fibromyalgia

    Hi everyone I am a 30 year old guy and now am barely starting to see improvements in the pain when I practice kung fu. So far two of the things which seem to help most is hard chi kung training and some staff work I have done. So from what I have learned it seems like a good way for me to go from this point is to focus on a powerful upper body system such as baji or work with a southern style. From this info what styles would u guys recommend I try? I have done some excellent wing chun in the past with a sifu on here and just wasnt sure how its body strengthening compares with styles such as hung gar. I know that just exercising is one aspect I need to do obviously but besides that what would xtyle do you think I should try? thanks

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    Wing chun seems to use the breast/clavical-shoulder-sides(lats)-shoulderblades-abdominal muscles.

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    My mother has fibromyalgia. She has been doing yoga for a couple years which she says greatly helps with the pain.
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