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    dena Guest

    Basic Training

    I have reached to the conclusion that every club has it's own way of so-called 'Basic Training'

    As an average day would be..
    We do like(moving in two rows as usual);
    Start with simple kicks, then advanced (& combined), through sweeps, then we go to lotus/butterfly/WindKick and several other jumpkicks, and round up with punch's, kinda mixing north and southstyles...

    what do you do?

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    JerryLove Guest
    We have a couple dozen concept-based classes taught repeatedly (read 2-3 times) to a student over a period of 6-9 months. This is our beginner's stuff. After that, you move on to new material.

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest

    Basic Training @ Cheung's Mo Gwoon

    In our basic training, when concentrated on the developement of the Ging (Jing). In the begining stages, more Gung Ging than Yao Ging.

    And then we concentrate on the Faht (technique).

    Je Lei Sifu [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]

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    dena Guest
    So since you've 'evovled', you stop training basics?
    Sounds weird to me..sorry..
    To keep up the 'gymnastic' side of kungfu, it seems to me, that basic training should be a great part of everyday training..
    Maybe even 50%..!

    Even advanced students in our class trains Tan Tui..butterfly-sweep-combo's etc3.."just to keep it up"..or even get better..

    If I have misunderstood your answere, then I'm sorry! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


    -The knack of flying is
    learning how to throw
    yourself at the ground and miss.

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest
    Our Basic Training is:

    Shaolin Kempo Karate in:

    Basic kicks;

    side heel thrust (side kick)
    Front Thrust Kick
    Back thrust kick (back kick)
    Outer crescent

    Basic Hand Strikes:

    Front Thrust Punch
    Palm Strike
    Vertical Punch
    Elbow Strikes

    Attacks are on basic pressure points:

    Solar Plexus
    Nose Bridge

    Basic Blocks

    Inside Forearm Block
    Outside Forearm Block
    Down Block
    High Rising Block

    Emphasis in Basic Training is throughout the whole training, but less stressed later on.

    And a few basic forms.

    Underaged Drunken Monkey

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    count Guest

    Basic Training

    Training the basics is the most essential part of Kung Fu. It should never be put aside. You can learn all the forms and styles in the world but they are useless if you have given up on your basics.

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    JerryLove Guest
    To some, "basic" material is the building block to more advanced material. By working the more advanced material, you will keep your basic material up to date as well.

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    Robinf Guest
    We start every student learning the basic stances in a fluid motion, then they learn the seven basic exercises.

    We start off every class--beginner and advanced--with the basic stances and seven basic exercises.

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    Highlander Guest

    Wing Chun Basics

    We start each class with stretches and 1000 punches, but that's not really our basics, it is just warm up. The first form (Sil Lim Tao) is our basic hand motions. It does not contain application, only motions. Since, in my lineage at least, the first form takes 45 minutes to do once, it is rarely done in class, but it is expected that each student does this at least once a day on their own. This leaves class time available for exploring applications and developing things like sensitivity that require two people. And although we don't do the basics much in class, their importance is made clear and it is easy to recognize who does them and who doesn't.

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    HuangKaiVun Guest
    When I teach classes, my basic training is simply walking.

    I have people walk REALLY SLOWLY, putting their steps down as if they were "stepping on a baby's face".

    I then have them walk backwards.

    Then I introduce the concept of spinning around objects by standing in front of the line and having people roll off me effortlessly.

    I do this for people going backwards too.

    Then I'll break up the lines and have people walk into each other in an random fashion. They have to spin off each other - the first steps (literally) toward having a 360 degree combat awareness.

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Hi -

    Kung Fu training has a variety of basic training exercises that target different aspects of where the practitioner will develop.

    There is of course fundamental calisthenics. (running, push ups, sit ups, etc..)

    Stance training (static and in motion)

    punches and kicks (usually drilled in lines)

    self defense techniques (generally targeted at individual skill levels)

    meditation and Chi Kung (posture, alignment, breathing)

    stretching (huge variety here!)

    All these basics are practiced all the time from beginner to mastery with stronger focus in some areas dependent upon knowledge.


    Kung Lek

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    dena Guest
    I saw the 'Back to Basics'-topic..
    This might reveal more answeres to more questions?

    -The knack of flying is
    learning how to throw
    yourself at the ground and miss.

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