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Thread: New York Shuai Jiao

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    New York Shuai Jiao

    Hello -
    New York Shuai Jiao has launched their website:

    If you're a Shuai Jiao instructor or are holding a tournmanet with a Shuai Jiao division, please let us know and we'll post them in our directory.

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    Great to see your web site, great to see Shuai Jiao still active in NY
    Chan Tai San Book at

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    well, like LKFMDC - he's a genuine Kung Fu Hero™
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    As much as I get annoyed when it gets derailed by the array of strange angry people that hover around him like moths, his good posts are some of my favorites.
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    I think he goes into a cave to meditate and recharge his chi...and bite the heads off of bats, of course....

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