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Thread: Anti terrorist police in China.

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    The previous information though true, is cleverly put together but it is close to point!

    The people who comprised the NRA at that time period are not the same ones who are in charge if it today. They are a different ilk altogether!
    In that era, the NRA was rightly about gun safety, people taking ownership of their weapons but when the deception of what America was found out, many citizens recoiled in fear when their own
    laws were used against them. The initial Mulford Bill would force the BPP to stop their patrols so some members of the BPP legally with open public display of weapons (as their right) went into the California Assembly Building with weaponry reading a legal Mandate of the present legal structure to carry arms. It was this impetus that Ronald Reagan signed into law the improved Mulford Bill!

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    Nothing upstages political turmoil like...

    ...a hot cop.

    Bryan Ke·August 22, 2019·4 min read
    ‘Hot’ Hong Kong Policewoman is At Least Something Both Sides Can Agree On

    A policewoman from Hong Kong has gone viral after she was filmed in a Facebook live video.

    Eagle-eyed netizens spotted the policewoman during HK Apple Daily’s live stream on Facebook on Saturday.

    The woman who can be seen wearing a casual white shirt, vest and a police helmet, was outside the Western Police Station in Sai Ying Pun at the time of the video, according to Mothership.

    Screenshot via Facebook / HK Apple Daily

    She was reportedly asking the identification of the three men in the video after being stopped by a group of riot police.

    Screenshot via Facebook / HK Apple Daily

    Her popularity skyrocketed overnight. Social media users quickly scoured the internet to find more information about the woman and managed to unearth her supposed Instagram account.

    Instagram via Mothership

    The unwanted attention quickly boosted her follower base to over 31,700.

    Screenshot via Instagram

    Her overnight fame attracted mixed reactions, from admirers to people insulting Hong Kong officers.

    Screenshot via Facebook / HK Apple Daily

    Some went as far as tracking down the very first post she made, digging up pictures from early in her career, and posting them on online forums.

    Instagram via Mothership

    On Tuesday, August 20, the policewoman reportedly turned her Instagram into private.

    Featured image screenshot via Facebook and Instagram / HK Apple Daily (left) and Mothership (right)
    Anti terrorist police in China.
    Hong Kong protests
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    All cops should be hot.
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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