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Thread: Diet for a kung fu fighter

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    Diet for a kung fu fighter

    KFC is having a sale right now.. Not to be missed...entire family size bucket with 3 sides and biscuits is only 20 bucks.

    Why do black guys usually win in boxing? No...don't be racist..its not because they are black...its because they are well nourished from greens, grits and KFC.

    Get the power of Mohamed Ali today!

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    I just found a leftover bag of potato chips from my lunch at Panera. That, and a few sapporo's...I'm in Gung-Fu nutrition heaven!
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    Gwok-Si, Gwok-Faht"

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    Yes, you need lots of fats and nutrients to fight well.

    I have been eating this bucket of KFC for 2 days now. Delicious. Many hippies complain about the hormones and then they take herbs that make stupid...just get KFC.

    Also...I don't want free range birds with tough meat..I like immobile chickens that are tender and delicious.

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    Dude you got a job or a girlfriend? I don't think you have either, cause all you do is spend all your time on a kung fu message board.

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    I actually doubled my monthy cash this month and have my own business which is kicking ass due to Daoist strategy. I have a hot wife who has her Ph.D and now I am happy to find this kung fu forum where I can talk to comrades about KFC. I also had time today to do 2 hours of kung fu.

    I suppose I could find a job and waste time pretending to work..but when I work, I work...when I sloth...I sloth.

    I also made 370 bucks today...slow day, but I don't sell time, I sell results.

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    i don't know just seems like a loser to me ,who writes on a kung fu message board all day

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    Some great diet info here, for those interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiz cool c View Post
    i don't know just seems like a loser to me ,who writes on a kung fu message board all day
    I understand why you would think that, but I'm doing fine. I've met all of my major life goals and am right where I want to be. People with lots of time are either doing everything right or everything wrong.

    Here's the kicker, aside from this I'm also a member of a major civic group and like to volunteer. I am about to joint another one that took out Polio.

    Service to the community is a modern form of wu de.

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    Ignorant I doubt any fighter based their diet on KFC

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    If I were black I'd probably be offended by this thread. But you volunteer for a civic group so I guess it's okay.

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    What he didn't mention is that the civic group he volunteers for is actually the Ku Klux Klan.

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    All rejoice, as this non-conformist, racial, hate filled Hispanic is now banned!!

    I am American of Mexican decedent. I don't boast, that I'm Chicano, I don't like that Chicano Pride CRAP!! If I was this dude's father, I would have beaten him up good with the belt at 12 years of age.. He wouldn't have hung out with other like minded individuals at the corner drug store.. debating, how to rape women!!

    I see STUPID people!!

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    KFC should change name to KGC

    kentucky grilled chicken.

    more healthy for everyone


    fighter and non fighter alike.


    yes. but most people will order crispy fried


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    I am a big fan of high protein diets if you do really active martial arts and/or compete.

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    yes we are what we eat.

    high protein diet is the "fad" now.

    me believe that a well balanced diet is better.


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