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Thread: How can you avoid banging the bony lower part of your inner forearm when doing three star blocking?

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    phantom Guest

    How can you avoid banging the bony lower part of your inner forearm when doing three star blocking?

    Guys, I have a hard time preventing the bony part of my inner forearm from getting banged when I do three star blocking. What can I do to prevent this from happening? Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    You're supposed to bang it. That's what this type of training is for. Condition everything now so that in the future, when you really need it, you already have it.

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest

    Pretty Maiden Looks in her mirror

    There are many techniques that require the use of that part of your arm. It hurts like the dickens in the beginnig but don't avoid conditioning it. You will get used to it like everything else after a while. Peace.

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    premier Guest
    Do you mean the thumb side of your forearm? you're definitely supposed to bang it. It might be pretty hard when you start, but you'll get over it. the only part of you shouldn't bang in three star blocking is the palm side of your forearm.

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    Kung Lek Guest


    Sam Sing is done to condition the whole arm and there are two different methods that are in appearance the same but the angle of the arm is slightly different from one to the other.

    To condition the radius bone of the arm, sam sing is done with the two people having the arm meet where the radius protrudes, namely in line with the thumb knuckle.

    To condition the flesh turn the arm a little more in so that when the arms meet the backs of the hands face each other and then you are meeting flesh to flesh.

    I hope this helps, Bone=arms meet wiht thumb knuckle joints facing each other

    flesh=arms meet with the backs of the hand facing each other.

    for the downward strikes where the arm is "hammering" its the same idea, turn it in a bit for flesh to flesh and turn it out a bit for bone to bone.

    bone to bone is a little more advanced I might add and be sure to have your dit da jow handy before and after!


    Kung Lek

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    danny from miami Guest


    why shouldnt you bang the palm side of your fore arm? who told you that and what reason did they give you? ( cause ive done it a couple times and i wanna know whether to stop or not )

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    lungyuil Guest
    when doing 3-star conditioning you are supposed to hit the lower & middle part of the forearm to strengthen them. Use alot of Dit Da Jow when training and after a few months you will feel less pain. :)

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    Shaolin Master Guest

    3 Stars

    San Xing

    Long : Palm sides of Bridge (whole arm circulation)
    Short : Thumb and little finger sides of Bridge (Elbow downwards as a pivot circulation)

    Train all of them, be gentle if hurts, increase as it continues.

    Note the purpose is not to knock the arms but to apply pressured contact to the arm.

    Pain due to the nerves on the thumb side so take it easy and gradually progress.


    Shi Chan Long

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    premier Guest
    There is propably many different ways to do three star blocking, but I guess the name means that it includes three different block done at the same time with the partner. Each one of those hits with a different part of your forearm.

    In CLF version of 3 star blocking those three blocks are wang kiu, yang kiu and poon kiu. Wang kiu, the first block, hits with the back fist side of your forearm. the second block is yang kiu, the mirror hand block or something like that and it hits with the notorius thumb side of your forearm. Poon kiu, the last block, hits with the pinky side of your forearm.

    As you can see, it conditions everything but the palm side of the forearm. reason to this is that on the palm side there's no big muscles to protect the big blood veins and tendons that are right under your skin. and you wouldn't be able to make any contact to the bone anyways, which is one of the goals of 3 star blocking, right?

    And actually there's no big need to condition the palm side of your forearm. There's no blocks or strikes that would make any contact with it when execuded properly. Of course occationally you accidentaly hit it somewhere, but that's really rare. Some of the 2 man forms I've seen make some little contact with it. that should be conditioning enough.

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    WongFeHung Guest
    PALM SIDE absolutely MUST be conditioned. Tan-sao strikes directly to this area when blocking hooks, and roundhouse punches. If you doubt this, call up Mun-Hung and punch in for his tan-sao. Trust me on this.

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    Srluntyde2 Guest


    Hi I've done 3 starts for awhile now, I took my time and my arms have never been better, however, I at the time I didn't know about dit jow, and when I did I couldn't get my hands on it. when I found it I expected the dit jow, I noticed a high Alcohol content in the medcine.
    Is dit jow suppost to have a 70% alcohol content,and other stuff. if so, when is the medcine used, before or after a 3 star training set?

    Any help world be helpful.
    Thanks :cool:

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    Scarletmantis Guest

    Dit Da Jow for Surluntyde 2


    Where did ya get such a difficult ta spell moniker? Good question though. I've been practicing the three star vs. tree exercise for three years now. I use the Jow before, during, and after the exercise.
    Before you start, give your forearms a brisk rubdown with the jow to stimulate the Chi in that area.
    As you practice, apply liberal amounts every twenty reps to both arms. Let it dry before you start again (wet skin during this kind of training might give you blisters).
    Finally, give your forearms a deep, slow massage with the Jow in order to break down any stagnation.

    Hope this helps!


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    Brian_CA Guest

    take it easy

    When you first start Sam Sing, start on the meaty part of your forearm. When you first start out, you must be careful. Banging on a bone before it is ready to be hit with full power is hard on the body for long term health. Your bones could become brittle and hard rather then strong and flexible. I would advise that you start higher up on the arm. Slowly after time move lower toward the wrist. After you have practiced consistantly over a period time you body with be ready to move towards the bone. Listen to your body. Remember that Kung fu has a long developmental period. It may take you years before you are ready to move into the area. That's OK, you have the rest of you life to master this exercise. Also, start easy with the power and slowly increase it over time.

    Brian Monnier
    San Francisco, CA

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    Srluntyde2 Guest

    ScarletMantis thanks for the help.

    ScarletMantis thanks for your help. i have some jow at home, was never really sure how to use it with my training. Sorry for the typo's.

    thanks again.

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    lungyuil Guest
    Yes Dit Da is supposed to have alcohol in it. Most of the medicines have alcohol in them to strengthen the formula. Some even put in rice wine.
    Always rub the Dit Da into the areas that you are conditioning at the time before & after. Rub it in properly so that it sinks through the pores. :)

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