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Thread: The Warring States

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    This one looks well-worth-watching.
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    They had me at hot chicks and horse noises...
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    a lot of computer generated images (CGI)

    they drastically altered the story line.

    so many old version believers like moi do not like the story change.

    sun bin was a good fighter ( not coward as depicted in the movie)

    pang juan was not a good guy ( good as depicted in the movie, so wrong)

    sun bin was depicted as a wimp and hating wars

    there was no sun bin bin fa (part II of sun zi bin fa) conclusion of the movie.

    this was most offensive to many old timers including ME.

    other than those tidbits

    it is a good love/romantic movie.

    sun bin thought his love was married and gone for good

    sun bin plunged to his death.

    too softy for sun bin as the best war strategist of all times (greater than sun wu/sun zi).

    this we may not accept.

    sun bin as a great lover, who cares.

    death to the story line

    love the scenery which was generated by computer graphic.


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