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Thread: Interview with Zhao Dao Xin

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    Interview with Zhao Dao Xin

    What did the real yiquan founders really think? What was the purpose, rationale and form of their project? With great sadness, the very people they despised now claim to be yiquan experts.

    Again, I know it is is difficult and embarrassing to be honest about who you really are and what you can really do. Some of you big bluffers, lol - what on earth are you up to, hiding away there, posting nonsense, terrified of ever being seen for what you really are? Come on over to the real yiquan side, and set yourself free at last. One moment of honest freedom is worth all your years of bluff. If you can no longer recognise what the honest truth sounds like - or even what an honest yiquan man sounds like - it sounds like this:

    And here, another honest man, Wang Xiang Zhai himself:

    Another honest man, Yao Zong Xun - in this two part series, Yao's lectures are narrated in English. Here you learn that 'internal' doesn't even figure in Yao's yiquan, and you learn that the yiquan people believed that something very close to thai boxing was the original Chinese wushu, but that it had become corrupted - by guess what? Contemporary wushu? No - all the kinds of stuff you guys talk about.

    Whatever it is you guys think you do, it's not really yiquan, I'm very sorry.

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    Good read, I havn't come across anyone in person who does this art but from what i'm seen on the internet and read about it then it's based around the "energies" of fighting and not about "technique" with a big emphasis on issuing power. I can apreciate this as the Yang Mian style is based on the same principles but with a different flavour.

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