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Thread: Hey everyone :)

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    Hey everyone :)

    Hey there oldtimers! So I haven't been on here in ages, as life sorta carried me off to do more important things, but I ran into Gene Ching when I was judging the Wing Chun events at this year's Legends of Kung Fu and it got me thinking that I really ought to pop in and say hello.

    So how's everyone doing these days?
    Sandman[Wing Chun]

    "Learning is not compulsory ... neither is survival."

    -W. Edwards Derning

    A thought on Civil Discourse:

    ďDemocracy is a means of living together despite our differences. Democratic deliberation is an alternative to physical violence. It is predicated on the assumption that itís possible to disagree agreeably, that itís better to laugh than cry, that one can vigorously contest the positions of oneís adversary without questioning his or her personal integrity or motivation, and that parties to a debate are entitled to the presumption that their views are legitimate if not correct.Ē -Thomas Mann

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    Good to see your post. Wondered what happened to you.
    The chat list? Same old same old.
    Good wishes

    joy chaudhuri

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