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Thread: Improving Endurance?

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    Nghia Guest

    Improving Endurance?

    I've been reading about how Chi Kung can help your overall endurance. I'm curious because I get wear out so esaily even after doing the same drills for a while. Wing Chun drills can really tire you out big time ! The worst case was on a stuffy day and I felt like passing out and vomitting because I was too worn out.

    Has anyone had experience where Chi Kung improved endurance immensely?

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    prana Guest
    I am reluctant to discuss this too much, probably seek your sifu for more guidance. Chi Kung WILL increase you endurance but learning chi kung takes so much longer than training endurance.
    If you can live through this experience you will gain incredible ability to heal and of course heal others too.

    Breathe till there is no breath...

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