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Thread: Green Dragon Studios

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    Stranger Guest

    Gene Chicoine and Green Dragon Studio (John Allen)- Is/was there ever a connection between the two?

    Pretty much the same as the subject. Any additional info or personal experiences training with either party would be appreciated. Thank You.

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    neptunesfall Guest
    as far as i know, sifu gene chicoine studied under sifu john allen.

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    Stranger Guest
    I thought Chicoine was the teacher in that duo. :confused:

    Can you tell any more details? :)

    Is Chicoine legit? Is Allen legit?

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    Dale Dugas Guest
    Master Gene Chicoine is senior to Sifu John R. Allen. Neptunesfalls, you are incorrect stating that Master Chicoine studies under Sifu John R. Allen. Both of these men have studied under Fee Mon Ong who was legendary in Ohio.

    Master Chicoine then met Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng who was the leader/family head of Baoting Shuai Chiao. Master Chicoine is the present day leader of the International Shuai Jiao Association. GM Chang gave him the keys the association. Not bad in my book.

    I have the utmost respect for both men. But its a little rude to put Master Chicoine under Sifu Allen.

    In Boston,

    Dale Dugas

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    Water Dragon Guest
    LOL :D

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    IronFist Guest
    on the Iron Vest tape by Green Dragon, I believe that it's Gene who demonstrates it (although I can't understand his name when he says it, but it sounded like Gene Chicoiwhoever)


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    Sihing73 Guest

    Green Dragon Studios


    I was curious if anyone had the address or a phone number to contact the Green Dragon Studios. I believe they are or were located in Ohio. This is Gene Chicone and John Allens group and produced a series of videos to include Stone Warrior. Anyhow, if anyone can provide a contact method I would appreciate it.



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    kungfu cowboy Guest
    Hi Dave,

    I don't think they are currently in the same organization, although they may have been in the past. John Allen is supposedly based in Stow, but I have never found a school. I think he teaches at a kung fu club at Kent State. I always see flyers, but never checked it out. I do have this though:

    Green Dragon Studios
    c/o Sifu John R. Allen
    PO Box 1601
    Stow, OH 44224

    And Chicone can be reached at:

    World Headquarters:
    Ho Chun
    P.O. Box 9254
    Akron, Ohio 44305

    I know there is a phone number for Chicone's school, and a real address, but I can't find them. Will try later.

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Thanks for the Info

    Hi KungFu Cowboy,

    Thanks for the info I really appreciate it.
    If you do find a phone number I would appreciate that as well.

    I have never had any dealings with Green Dragon but have heard some good things from others. I am interested in possibly checking out some of the videos they offer.

    Thanks again.



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    IronFist Guest
    Sifu Allen's number is unlisted.

    A few years ago I did the Stone Warrior program for a little over a year. I've written a lot about it on the training forum. Do a search for "Stone Warrior" by "IronFist"

    Their school is pretty hardcore.


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    Sihing73 Guest

    Will check it out

    Thanks Iron Fist,

    I will take a look at what you wrote. I am interested in seeing what it is all about as some have said some very good things about it. Anyhow thanks and I will do the search.



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    IronFist Guest
    If you get anything from him, or do Stone Warrior, definately tell me what you think ok?

    I want to compare experiences with someone who has done Stone Warrior, and here I only know one other person and he doesn't post very much o.O


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    yenhoi Guest


    I bought the stone warrior tapes (multiple tapes?) I havent opened the box yet.

    Im not sure If I am going to use them, my buddy might, by I am aware that the techniques might affect the sensativity in my forearms.

    I am very interested in this type of (dynamic tension?) training.


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    kungfu cowboy Guest

    Gene Chicone

    This should be the number for the school.

    Fax: 330-633-2360

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    Sihing73 Guest

    Thanks A lot

    Hi KFCB :D

    Thanks for the information. I will be contacting them shortly.



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