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    deadlypower Guest


    Is qi qong only good for demos only ??,why to date except in movies or magazines ,have we not seen its effectiveness in real street fights.I have good first hand experience in this.,as before a full contact fight ,i saw this person demonstrating iron shirt ,as well as breaking power of his qiqong and i ended up fighting this person and to my surprise he was just an ordinary person ,nothing special.Also we had a middle age kungfu sifu in our block who demonstrates some amazing qiqong but was seriously hospitalised by a street brawler who took him on in a fair fight(fair means he wasnt jumped on ).SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS QIQONG.........................


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    Kung Lek Guest
    well, first off, chi kung or not, anyone can lose a fight regardless of skill and ability.

    demonstration chi Kung feats are just that, for demonstration.

    The effect of Chi kung in context to actual fighting is in the ability to recover quickly and to maintain a constant and natural breathing rythym while engaged in an altercation, thereby increasing stamina and endurance while fighting.

    It does not give you super powers but it does improve your awareness of your surroundings, your ability to recover quickly from strikes and as well it serves to fortify ones "will" to go on.
    It also allows you to focus on specific areas of your own body to induce healing qualities via increased oxygen supply in the blood to an injured area.

    So, in the case of the practitioner who was beaten, he was beaten in a fight. A fight is not a demonstration of phenomenon associated with Chi kung practice, or on the lighter side "parlour tricks".

    Everything in the proper context eh?


    Kung Lek

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    Waidan Guest
    Kung Lek's explanation is true for many qigong regiments, but there are all kinds. Many hard and soft qigong practices focus on developing a particular martial skill, such as grasping strength, increased mobility, or striking power, to name a few.

    For example, I practice a qigong set primarily designed to develop increased levels of flexibility in the hips and waist (pretty essential for bagua). While this practice alone won't bring me victory in a street encounter, certainly it augments my more directly martial skills.

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    Kune Guest

    Why it didnt work on the street

    Coz all those examples you have heard of. Those people obviously didnt know anything about qiqong, and were most likey fakes. Or perhaps the qigong they practiced was very weak. Thats the plain truth about it.

    I'v seen some crazy stuff but hey, the stuff of this nature can only be experienced. Coz no matter how you try to convince someone, it makes no sense till you seen it for yourself.

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    qi gung demo's

    they are tricks, this is not real kung fu!!


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    Kune Guest

    real kungfu

    Ummm... no

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    MoQ Guest
    aside from parlor tricks and any sho-biz...

    Is the question REALLY how does breathing and energy work help you...????
    I can't believe this is a real question... The idea is that it helps you before and after, you know, real life, and probably would keep one from getting into too many stupid-a$$ squabbles over petty cr@p...

    The REAL answer to alot of these artificial questions is "Forget about it, this type of thing is only for people who recognize it and want to learn it"...

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    All this topic on qiqong is just some bull**** crap made up by the baldheaded shaolin monks to trick and impress the local population around the monastry to continue there donations ,qiqong is only a cicus trickery show....

    kelvein chan

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    MoQ Guest
    Seriously, chikung is all meditations and such. If "qigong" is just parlor tricks to you, you don't really have enough info to base any kind of opinion on(sorry to end in a preposition)...

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    Qiqong,is yoga in a different name.You want to know what it really is ,then see the TV ad.,for NESTLE'S YOGURT.,where the indian guru and his followers,this is shaolin qiqong.(was'nt it an indian guru who taught the shaolin monks their kungfu....YUMMMMMM.KUNGFU ,that is what it should be known as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kelvein chan

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    YiLiQuan1 Guest

    Nice to see so much maturity in these posts

    Qigong or chi kung is a body of information concerning breathing and visualization exercises for the purpose of "directing and controlling the energy of the body."

    For those monolinguists of you out there that are only English speaking (and so are poorly prepared to grasp the multi-layered meanings of so many martial arts terms), before you start squawking about either the validity or absurdity of qigong training, first you need to understand what the words mean.

    The character for qi is a combination of two radicals, those of rice and wind. Rice symbolizes life in this instance, and so qi is "life wind." However, the direct definition/translation of the word contains the meanings of air, gas, steam, vapor, spirit, moral, breath, influence, smells or odors, bearing, and weather. So it does NOT actually refer to that mystical and elusive quality of martial skill exclusively, but includes many other meanings. Gong or kung, as we all know, refers to work or development.

    While it is very common these days in CMA schools in the US to spout tons of Chinese terms, I think very few really understand what those terms mean. Qi is used to refer to hundreds of different qualities of fighting skills, from stickiness to the ability to withstand blows from baseball bats.

    If you view things from a slightly less subjective perspective, you can see that perhaps the use of the word qi was what best fit as a label for phenomena that were difficult, at the very best, to identify, quantify, and label. I think many people forget that for quite some time human beings thought the sun was a god of some sort and that thunder and lightning were the tools of angry deities. It is not such a stretch to think that people with limited scientific understanding of certain phenomena labeled them in ways that would make sense to them. And the labels stuck.

    As far as the legitimacy of qigong training? If nothing else, it enhances focus, breathing, perception of the body in relation to other things in 3 dimensional space, timing, rhythm, etc. It can also be shown to improve reaction times, power of strikes, etc. How does it do these things? I dunno. Don't much care, either. I know that people in my school (meaning those above and below me) CAN fight with qi. The same ability to split cinder blocks and solid (not spaced - that is cheating) stacks of concrete slabs is still in that punch that contacts the opponent's chest. The same ability to stand seemingly rooted to the spot is still in that stance as the strike is landed.

    Perhaps many people expect those who demo their skill in qigong to be capable of the feats often found in kung fu B movies, with high jumping ability, sliding across the ground in the splits, running across the top of water without leaving marks (much less falling in), etc. And if this is what they REALLY expect of qigong, then maybe they should spend a bit less time watching those B movies, and more time studying from people that won't try to BS them with the mysteries of qigong, but instead will show them what it is really for.

    Just my humble comments. I hope I have helped form understanding of some sort. It is no longer the age of wild tales and mystical explanations. Qi exists, though science cannot yet measure or quantify it. But there are those who would like to see more believe in it without actually having to explain it properly. It is more than body mechanics, but without proper technique it means nothing.

    I'll put away the soapbox now. Thanks for listening.

    Matt Stone

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    joedoe Guest


    For someone who claims to be in America, you know a lot about the latest Australian ads :).

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    Have'nt you heard about technology,it makes the world a smaller place........................

    kelvein chan

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    joedoe Guest
    Yeah, whatever. Americans wouldn't get Australian TV.

    We all know you are just another troller, probably a friend of Goktimus (if you aren't Goktimus himself). So, Obiwan is your Sihing hey? Well, I guess that means you live in Sydney, not America. And I guess, as Obiwan and Goktimus train together, that you are one of Goktimus' friends.

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    prana Guest


    Bravo! I see some great points that people overlook that you have pointed out.
    I am often saddened to see people who are too caught up with their "read" knowledge that they think that the world and all its answers are written in text books.
    Even modern day scientists get it all wrong and not to mention people in the old days, from all sect and religions and all walks of life.

    For example, Bohr's theory of the atom is left only as a elementary teaching in chemistry and physics to introduce tot he students the idea that atoms are made out of solid layers of protons, neutrons and finite shells of electrons.

    Or perhaps, the idea that milk is great for you and its connections to causing asthma, irritating allergies and the calcium which humans can do from a proper diet from some vegetables, and we are all hidden behind the dairy industries blanket of calcium requirements to stop osteoporosis. I wonder if they would get the same response if they had mentioned the over-calcification of organs inthe body.

    Or even, the thought from ******** that the world was flat until they were proven the actually proven the world WAS indeed round...

    I am often amused about how High School Physics students think they know all so well and then enter Advanced Physics 101 and have their ego's and prides slammed to the floor only to be told to forget all that you have learnt in school.

    Kirlian Photography has proven that Qi is definitely real and undeniable! The unmistaken heat medicinal properties, not to mention that control of ones bodily functions through the Qi of another being, are so intense that even a disbeliever would be immediately transformed...

    Admitting to it blatantly, I am included, one of the billions who live in a illusive world, but the world that is living in its already illusive sub-division, is a serious concern. I wish for reality to surface and for illusion and ignorance to be lifted and bown away.

    Breathe till there is no breath...

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