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Thread: What is your opion of the past SHAOLIN MONKS who were idolised as heroes !!!!! When they could be co

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    What is your opion of the past SHAOLIN MONKS who were idolised as heroes !!!!! When they could be co

    Most of these so called shaolin heroes were crimnals avoiding persecution and prosecution from the state or government of the day.WHY SHOULD THEY BE FORGIVEN BECAUSE THEY HAVE MANDED THEIR WAYS.

    kelvein chan

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    joedoe Guest
    Can you put that question in English please? I'd like to answer it but I can't understand what you are asking.

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    Muhammad Guest

    Still Frothing as usual

    thanks for contributin to the forum again mercilessfister, don't know why u bother puttin threads up which are unreadable, u should try to write only when u are not frothing in your mouth, so maybe we could understand u better.

    There is only one god and Muhammad is his prophet

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    ABANDIT,MOHAMMAD :Obviously these shaolin heroes of yours are crimnals,and just because they have mended there ways does'nt mean they should be forgiven .It is likened to forgiving a murderer just because he/she has taken up charity work to avoid prosecution.

    kelvein chan

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    Muhammad Guest

    still frothing

    here he is again, still frothing in the mouth and still incoherant, wonder who we should call, the Vet or the Doctor??? Probbably the vet hahahahaha

    There is only one god and Muhammad is his prophet

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    joedoe Guest
    I don't know why I am going to answer you seriously but here goes:

    The criminals you talk of were rebels that the govt of the time wanted to catch, not criminals. You talk about how China has such a bad human rights record, yet you would condemn someone who rebels against an unjust system? Would you condemn the survivors of the Tien An Men massacre? They rebelled against their government as well, and they are treated as rebels.

    For that matter, as you claim to be American, does that also mean that everyone who fought in the American Civil War is a criminal too?

    You also claim to believe in God. Didn't Jesus also teach that you should forgive your fellow man? If a man repents, should he not be forgiven? I believe Jesus taught that.

    Quit starting these stupid troll threads and get lost.

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    Then tell me how could you live with yourself by forgiving the person who raped your mother or sister .Fancy you sitting and having a drink with this RAPIST.,because he gave you a blanket in winter................

    kelvein chan

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    joedoe Guest
    Still trying to bait me are you? Do you think I am stupid enough to get worked up over some words over the Internet? Nice try, but I thought you could do better.

    Anyway, you continue to ignore my answers and just carry on about more crap that you want to spout.

    The historical figures you choose to brand as criminals were rebels fighting against an unjust system. If you want to call them criminals, then that is fine. I know that they were fighting for a just cause and that is all that matters to me.

    Go back to the hole you came from and amuse yourself some other way.

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    Look at all the TERRORISTS and WAR CRIMNALS they are always claiming to fight an unjust GOVERNMENT /system.And fighting for the freedom and justise of the suppressed.Look at the BALKANS.............

    kelvein chan

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    joedoe Guest
    OK, so let's talk about the American War of Independence (seeing that you say you are American).

    That war was sparked by a protest against 'unjust' British taxes on tea - the Boston Tea Party. The British Govt of the time did not want to let go of America as a colony, but American 'rebels' fought the Red Coats nonetheless. Does this make them criminals as well? So, as an American, that would make you the descendant of criminals, or at least living under a criminal system.

    No offense to any American reading this reply, just a hypothetical argument :).

    So, let's discuss the Scots. People look up to figures such as Rob Roy and William Wallace. Are you going to call them criminals too?

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    dunbarj01 Guest

    Consistently Bollocks

    Merciless fighter,

    .........spare me!

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    When it is war between countries it is normally the victors that dictate terms.But your shaolin crimnals were individuals,or a small contra band.,there numbers were in the hundreds only but in wars you are looking well over hundred thousands.

    kelvein chan

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    joedoe Guest
    Still not a proper answer. Would you call William Wallace and Rob Roy criminals?

    And the War of Independence was no different - a group of 'rebels' (or criminals as you put it) fighting against an unjust system.

    And numbers don't make a difference. If people are fighting for what is right, it doesn't make them criminals.

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    i really couldn't care less one way or the other!

    BTW mercilessfister, have you forgiven yourself for constantly raping your own fist?

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    tanglangman Guest

    Now I accept that it’s hard to brand a whole nation as there are varying degrees of liability. But that’s besides the point. As it has been a running theme in this thread to do so I will continue for the sake of argument.

    You are assuming that because that the American war of independence was a just war, then they were not criminals.
    However would you not agree that the treatment of the native americans was a criminal act? Now I am not trying to have a pop at americans I am just making the point that you only have to do one criminal act to be a criminal.

    Of subject, I found it quite funny that you make a point about americans being desended from criminals. Doesn’t that remind you of another country a bit closer to home???

    As I said, it is not fair to lump a whole country as criminal but we can apply the same argument to individuals.

    We also have to think about what we mean as criminal. There is on universal law. What is criminal in one country may not be in another. For instance alcohol.

    Any other opinons?

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