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Thread: work out (playground)

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    eion Guest

    work out (playground)

    if you were going to build a work out station sorta like a kids playground or a military training thing what would would you put in it

    example like a rope to climb, monkey bars and so on

    im being serious and i'm open to any suggestion planning on build it outside also gonna have an open area to do standard excercies like push ups, sit ups etc...

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    Considering the same myself...actually I'm only planting some plum flower posts...slowly...I've only cut 4 posts...I've got a plot...I've nicked some bricks, pavers and some sand.

    Just have to get off my arse. :rolleyes:

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    Waidan Guest
    I think pullup and dip bars are manditory. Having a rope/fireman's pole of at least 15' is a good idea also.

    A wood or steel striking post would be great...probably something in the order of 8" diameter. I'd clear an 8' circle around the post for circlewalking, but that's just a bagua thing.

    The plumflower posts would be awesome.

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    After yesterday's post, I started feeling guilty so I grabbed my shovel and started working. I've now got an 8' ditch and a massive pile of dirt in my backyard.

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    Leimeng Guest
    Actually, is you keep digging and filling ditches in your back yard long enough, I think that is pretty good work out in it self....


    yi beng, kan xue

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    you could jump in and out of your ditch, and just dig it an inch deeper each day :)

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    That I could do but I suspect that my sifu is skeptical that I will ever finish putting the poles up. The ditch also represents a small hazard. I don't really want to see one of the people in my household inadvertantly drop into it. Could be an embarassing story. :rolleyes:

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