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Thread: Your Favoriate Sparring Gloves?

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    A Simple Artist Guest

    Your Favoriate Sparring Gloves?

    I would like to know what type of sparring gloves both hands and feet people prefer to use. I prefer to use the Cobra Punch gloves? Rather than the hard foam type that century and other companies sell. I have never found a pair of boots that I like, does any one have any suggestions? I would like a pair that did not fell like I was wearing a bulky pad on my foot.

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    Kymus Guest
    A while ago I think it was Black belt or IKF mag did a thing on hand sparring equipment. From what I remeber The Boxergenics gloves were rated the best. They were made by a doctor and they use them in the UFC and such. I've done some light work with the Macho chest gear and that seems pretty sturdy.


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