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Thread: how many of you actually train seriously?

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    SevenStar Guest

    how many of you actually train seriously?

    And I don't mean being in class an hour a day three days a week. I'm in class three hours a day, three days a week, plus I stay an hour after class just for extra practice. In addition,I weight train 3 days a week, stretch daily and do stance training on the days I weight train. Due to previous training in muay thai, I do bag work and shadowboxing after class. I'm curious to know how everyone else trains and what you consider serious training.

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    joedoe Guest


    Compared to that, I don't train seriously.

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    No, neither do I...

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    Brian_CA Guest

    re: I train very seriously

    Hi SevenStar,

    I would have to say that I practice fairly seriously. Personally, I train in my Kung fu exerises consistanly 5 days a week for at least 1 hour to hour and a half outside of class. In addition, I practice Hatha yoga 3-5 times a week. When I do attend classes at my school, it is for roughly 3 hours 3-4 times a week.

    Lately, I have been trying to work out smarter though. Less extreameness in physical routine and more focused practise. This after all is a Life long venture for me and I don't want to burn my body out by the time I am 40.

    My I ask you what your relaxation routine is like? The routine you described could be very hard on you body in the long term if not given proper rest to heal. I was wondering, what you did for your body to heal it.

    Looking forward to your reply!

    San Francisco, CA

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    Kiasyd Guest

    I guess I ain't serious on this

    I wish I had time to train more than 1 hour, 3 days a week...

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Good For You!!!

    you know, with a lot of practice at anything you will get good at it :)


    Kung Lek

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    SevenStar Guest


    you know what Brian? That's a good point, and something I never really gave a lot of thought to....I do cool down stretching after I work out, and occasionally attend the chi kung/nei gung classes, but other than that,I don't really concentrate much on relaxation exercises. I may have to focus on that more. Do you do anything specific, or is yoga your relaxation method?

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    meltdawn Guest
    I always like threads like this because I can compare my training with others, and find weak areas I need to focus on more as well as ways to do so. I work a full-time job, plus 3 nights a week at my master's restaurant, plus care for 4 horses... yadda yadda yadda. I have to be both flexible and determined with my training. It's really hard to come home and train when I know I have other obligations.

    So what works for me when I don't have a lot of time in a given day to train is fitting things in when they are convenient.

    I go over my forms twice in my head before I get out of bed. That's really hard when you keep dozing off; I've found it greatly improves my concentration. Sound silly? Try it.

    I do horse stance, squats, push ups, sit ups and stretch intermittantly at my day office job to break up the monotony and keep my joints from freezing up. Each only takes a minute or so. Except the horse stance.

    When I'm in the garage for any reason, I hit the heavy bag.

    When I'm in the yard, I work on my wooden post.

    When I'm watching TV, I stretch.

    When I'm posting, I feel guilty. Gotta go!

    "Waiting is bad." - Musashi

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    Xebsball Guest

    I dont because i cant

    I would like to train 3 hours a day.
    But i'm a newbie and i'm sure my body couldnt take 3 hours since it hurts already by training just 1 hour 3 times a week.
    Maybe later on, when i have a better condition i will train more.

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    Vankuen Guest

    I consider myself a die hard gnug fu man

    However, just because one doesnt train hours a day doesnt mean they arent serious.

    When Im not doing gung fu, Im thinking about it, or Im sleeping and usually dreaming about it. (or girls, or both....depends.)

    I practice whenever I can, if other things dont take priority, and yes, in our world, you cannot put some things behind training. For example you must not have alot of work or have a family, because I doubt seriously that you would be able to train that much and not neglect those things. Just a thought that popped into my head reading this. Sure when I was a teenager I could train like that and did. Im older now and cannot train as long due to life's obligations and monetary necessity.

    I do though, take at least an hour of everyday to practice something. Optimal time would be 2 to three hours a day, taking the weekends off. Your body will need time to rest and not burn out. Even the masters had leisure time my friend. Too much yang and not enough yin is unhealthy.

    From one thing know ten thousand things - Miyomato Musashi

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    lee69 Guest

    i train pretty seriously

    CARDIO:every second day i run 3 km and try to break my record (currently 12 mins)

    GENERAL STRENGTH:days in between running light freeweights,sit ups,pull ups,pushups,one leg squats etc.

    KUNG FU:everyday stance work,forms,sparring with my brother

    COOL DOWN AND RELXATION:stretches and cool downs then i go and do chi kung to calm my mind


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    Martial Joe Guest
    I do my Sil Lum Tao 10 times a day.I do my Chum Kui 10 times a day.I punch my wall bag 300+ times a day.I lift weights every other day..soon to be everyday.And i do stepping drills.That adds up 2 about 2 hours everyday not including class.I think i dont train close to enough.I will start training more as i get better...


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    joedoe Guest
    OK, now I really feel like a slob :)

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    Scarletmantis Guest

    The honest truth...

    When I finally decided to make Kung Fu my way of life, I was practicing six hours a day, six days a week. No lie. I practiced in the morning with one hour of standing Chi Kung preceeded by a vigorous thirty minutes of form practice to warm up.

    I didn't have a car at the time, so I jogged the five miles to work around eleven o'clock in the AM. I had an hour long meal break, so I would put in another thirty minutes of Form or breakdown techniques for speed drills. When I got off work at eight o'clock, I'd jog to class and train for three hours. Finally an hour of standing Chi Kung before bed. Actually, I did the Chi Kung every day for about three years (morning and night).

    When I got a family however, this all changed. I had to cut down to about two and a half hours a day, seven days a week. I still do the Chi Kung, I do about a half hour of form. Do I have as much muscle or stamina? No way, but I am MUCH better than I used to be. Luckily, I never injured myself with that regime, but I had NO social life and about ZERO happiness.

    I'll never go back to "Rambo" style training. I recommend quality over quantity any day. Do your very best for three hours a day, practice as often as you can, make improvements in small increments. People who overtrain do so because they want shortcuts (at least I did). I thought I'd be a Master in five years tops! Now I know just how stupid that was.

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    SevenStar Guest


    I'm not saying anyone who doesn't train like me doesn't train seriously. Different people train different ways, which is why i asked a question - how many of you train seriously, and what do you consider serious? as far as age and all, I am 24, have a two year old, work as a web developer for and am engaged - there's not too much anyone can tell me about time management, so that doesn't get in the way. My friends apartment complex has an awesome gym, and I lift weights there. my fiance works out also, and we take our son, as he likes to kick around in there, and he mimics me doing my forms. During the time I am in class, my fiance hasthe baby, so I have time to train. My stretching I do at home, as I have a stretch machine and I do other stretches. weekends are our family days, which includes working out, and we work during the day. All of that training does not cause much conflict at all with my family life. As meltdawn said in her post, you fit things in when you can.

    "Civilize the mind, make savage the body."

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