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Thread: Mt. Song Martial Arts Academy

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    I wouldn't say the reason so many claim him is because they have learned through his video series, but that they learn through his video series so that they can claim that.

    But actually, many of those I've seen who claim to have studied with him or to be his disciple don't actually do the forms like him at all. Whether like the video versions or not. Some just claim him for the fame of his name, even if they have legitimately learned elsewhere.

    But there of course are those who teach the material straight from his videos and claim lineage with him. Which is hilarious because a lot of the forms are purposely screwed with on the video series. They either leave out important postures, sections, change directions, or do something completely different.

    I've seen a couple people claiming lineage under Shi Deyang or Shi Suxi and they do the forms with the missing move right in the same place as the video, which changes the direction of the entire form, or they are missing the precise section left out of the videos.

    They then have to make up their own applications, and I hope they aren't using the ridiculous applications Shi Deyang did for his 'Actual Combat' video series, lol.

    I don't know. What can I say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yung Apprentice View Post
    How are the Sanda classes under Mario? Having been coached by Master Liu, I would hope it be pretty good, but I wonder if his classes are intense or just a kickboxing class.
    Come see for yourself we have very open doors I find it intense but it can be a matter of perspective. We train fighters there, so its not a typical cardio kickbocking class you would find at a mainstream gym.

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    They then have to make up their own applications, and I hope they aren't using the ridiculous applications Shi Deyang did for his 'Actual Combat' video series, lol.
    that's funny because I picked up the dahong quan dvd in this series a couple years ago while i was at shaolin learning the form. I saw the apps he presented and was like wtf?

    I don't know why he feels he should do that. If he feels he shouldnt give out the material then he just shouldnt do the video. Misrepresenting the material actually hurts his rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaolindynasty View Post
    I don't know why he feels he should do that. If he feels he shouldnt give out the material then he just shouldnt do the video. Misrepresenting the material actually hurts his rep
    I agree. But the traditional community over there wouldn't take it well if he was showing the real applications on video like that. I guess the publishing company asked him to make an 'actual combat' series, and so that's what he gave them.

    The application he shows for the movement 'shuang jueshou' (双絕手) in that series is some ridiculous takedown. It's the movement in the following video at :16, :30, and :50.

    The meaning of the name literally means to break the arm off, and indeed when he shows the real application it is a nasty nasty arm break. It twists the arm in a nasty way like wringing out a wet rag, and then snaps it at the elbow.

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    Hello I am Shifu Mario Salazar from Mt Song Martial Arts Academy

    Hello I am Shifu Mario Salazar from Mt Song Martial Arts Academy. I've been training Martial arts for over 27 year and Shaolin Kung Fu for over 20 years. I stumbled on this post actually several years ago and to be honest I found it disappointing that people on this forum claiming to be Shaolin would find it so easy to speak so poorly about another martial artist, not to mention that this is also a waste of training time. It seems, however, that these days people just go on forum and ask questions about people they have never met or know about. But everyone thinks they are an expert and everyone has their two cents that they can put in and no one ever contacts the person that there speaking of to get information directly from the source.

    But…I guess nowadays people really believe that they have all the information just at their fingertips. Maybe it's not the case for all here, but honestly it seems that sometimes people just want to talk about martial arts rather than actually doing the martial arts they speak of. Instead of using this valuable time toward training, people would rather sit at the computer for hours tearing down other martial artists that are in the real world working in their field and living their martial arts. It's not very aligned with Shaolin mindset.

    When I was younger and training martial arts, the internet was still new and not such a huge distraction to everyone. Back then, a person would have to take a trip see the teacher, maybe take a class to see for yourself what he or she actually does, (some proud people might even try to challenge the teacher) then he or she could decide after this experience if they want to learn from them.

    So I found it kind of sad that nobody ever tried to contact me and asked me for my credentials…and the person who started this post never came by the school or even tried a class as far as I know of...

    I'm very busy I teach 7 days a week and still train every day. But I guess maybe I’m old- school, and people don’t want to actually visit a school or meet a teacher in person or try a class. So considering this is why I finally decided to take time out of my schedule that I very much do not have, in order to respond to these comments and put out the truth of my background to those who are apprehensive to take the first step and see for themselves.

    I trained Shaolin kung fu under Master Shawn Liu, or many people call him by his Shaolin name now, Shi De Ru. Back then his school was the Liu Institute, later he changed the name to Shaolin Institute. He has 3 campuses now, back then it was only Mobile campus and New Orleans campus. Shi De Yang and De Ru are kung fu brothers and they are very close, you could say more like blood brothers… The first time I met De Yang was at one of De Ru tournaments in New Orleans in 1997. At the time I had several years of martial arts training in other style of kung fu. The more tournaments I competed in, the more I saw Shaolin gong fu, the more I fell in love with Shaolin and the more I wanted to learn true Shaolin.So not long after this 1997 tournament, I began to travel to find a teacher and 1999 I moved to Mobile, AL and started training with Shi De Ru at the Liu Institute.

    Here is a picture of me, my kung fu brother, at the tournament in 1997 with Shi De Yang and Shi Yang Ming:
    Name:  Shifu-Mario-Brian-De-Yang-and-Yan-Ming-768x512.jpg
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    With Master Liu (De Ru) I was training every day 10-12 hours a day, sometimes even more… as ridiculous as that sound, and I am not exaggerating. Kung fu was my life, everything I did revolved around training. I even lived at the kung fu school in Mobile back then so that I could focus on training. Master Liu at that time was the US Sanda Team coach, and so he started training me for Sanda fights in addition to my training and competing in forms. After doing some fights in the US, Master Liu took me and some other fighters over to China to fight Sanda. This was back in 2001.

    2001 was also the first time I went to Shaolin to train at De Yang’s school. My teacher De Ru wanted me to train kung fu with his kung fu brother, so after some Sanda fights, he left me at Master De Yang’s school for about 7 weeks. This was De Yang’s original school behind the temple; back in 2001 though, it was a hard time for Shaolin because of politics. People who lived in the temple community (what was then known as Shaolin village), including the kung fu schools, were being forced out into surrounding area around the temple, eventually to Deng Feng. So yes, I was actually in Shaolin during this time; while I was there training at the school, I witnessed people were moving their homes out of the temple area literally brick by brick. I remember holding a video camera for my teacher as he was interviewing the people leaving homes they lived in their entire lives. Later that year, Master De Yang would move his school out of the temple area and into an old primary school building he bought in Deng Feng.

    In 2003 I went back to China. I fought Sanda during the first week in Shang dong,then went back to Master De Yang’ school (in Deng Feng) for kung fu training…I stayed at the school first for 3 weeks and then suddenly had to leave because of the SARS outbreak. I had a dual entry visa, so later that year, after the SARS scare died down, I went back for another 5 weeks to train kung fu.

    Here is a picture of me during this 2003 China trip with my Shifu, De Yang, and Grandmaster Su Xi:
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    There's a lot of talk about discipleship in the previous posts, but I never said I was a disciple of Master De Yang, just that I have had the honor to train under him in both the US and in China because of his close relationship with my teacher…I am a disciple of Shaolin under Shi De Ru, who has been my Shifu for the last 20 years, The Shaolin name given to me by my Shifu is Shi Xing Sa.

    While I’m proud to say that I fought and trained kung fu in China, I think what’s more important and meaningful is the number of quality hours of kung fu training and my personal relationship with my Shifu. When I was training under Master Liu/De Ru and living at the Liu Institute, I was either practicing, training for a sanda fight, teaching classes, or doing some other work for my teacher every single day for 6 and a half years. For 6 and a half years I helped my Shifu with anything he needed for the kung fu school. In 2005, I moved back to Tampa to open my own school, following the recommendation and receiving the blessing of my Shifu.

    There is also talk in this forum about De Yang’s videos that maybe I claim to be De yang disciple because I watched his videos. (Again, considering that no one here has actually tried to contact me or my Shifu, this comment is pretty rude….) But the funny thing is I'm actually in one of those videos. During one of my trips to train at Master De Yang’s school he was doing some filming for his school and wanted to include some footage of the foreign students that were training with him. So here is the link.

    I'm performing Da Hong Quan in the vcd 1 minutes 45 seconds in the intro for about 7 sec and about the comment about Da Hong Quan…I actually learned Da Hong Quan both from Master De Ru and at De Yang’s school. But I do this form the way my Shifu Master De Ru does it in order to honor him.

    I understand that people want to find a good school and quality martial arts. I also don’t like when people claim to be a Shaolin disciple when they haven't put the time in the training or the passion. These days, anyone can go to a school in Deng Feng, give a big donation to a Shaolin master and he will make them a disciple. Maybe show up to China every once in a while, do a couple private lessons... People that become disciples in this way are simply title seekers, just looking to add something to their resume and brag about it….

    But being a disciple of Shaolin should be earned because it deserves to be something of great responsibility. I am a disciple, like I said of Shi De Ru and I don't take it lightly. I have put in thousands upon thousands of hours of training and so I understand it's a long-term commitment. I haven’t just learned a few forms like a lot of people do. If you know anything about my teacher, De Ru, you’ll know that he was one of china greatest fighters, so he makes sure his students also know how to use the martial arts they are taught. I’ve fought in the sanda ring dozens and dozens of times. I also understand and teach my students Shaolin combat applications of the form, punching, kicks, elbows, throws, and joint locks. If you come to my school you will know. I have worked hard to build up my school for the last 13 years in order to bring true Shaolin martial arts to my community. I continue training and teaching every day of my life in order to keep both the Shaolin martial arts and attitude alive that was taught to me from my Shifu.

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