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Thread: Eskrimadors, Filipino martial arts documentary

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    Eskrimadors, Filipino martial arts documentary

    Has anyone seen the new documentary that came out last year about the FMA (filipino martial arts)? It's called "Eskrimadors". I saw the documentary. As aesthetically beautiful as it was in respect to the cinematography, many FMA masters told me that the information in it is a little sketchy. If anyone has seen the documentary, I would like some opinions about the information imparted. An example: The documentary says that "Delfin Lopez" worked for the Cebu police force. But, as it's widely acknowledged, Vicente Carin, who also worked for the Cebu police force, went to jail for shooting Delfin Lopez. Why would he shoot at one of his own colleagues? One of my instructors told me that Delfin Lopez actually worked for PNP (Philippine National Police). This is the equivalent of America's FBI. That makes more sense, because there could have been some strife between PNP and the Cebu police. That then would explain why Vicente Carin shot at Delfin Lopez. If Delfin Lopez was part of the Cebu police force like the documentary said, I hardly doubt Vicente would have tried to shoot him. Has anyone else uncovered any inconsistencies?

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