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    Sifu Tony Guest


    Just wanted to let everyone know, that if they are looking for a good support organization, or training and instructor certification for Chin-Na, there is now a great organization to contact.
    The Chinese/American Chin-Na Association
    I have just been appointed as one of the directors of the organization, and will help anyone who may have questions. I can be contacted either through the association e-mail, or you can contact me directly at:


    Sifu Tony Massengill
    3rd Generation Lineage Instructor
    Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kuen

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    Godzilla Guest

    Thanks for posting.

    I have been looking locally for a source for Chin Na. I have been to New Jersey and will be going to Boston to see Dr. Yang again.

    I live on Long Island, New York. Do you have any suggestions for good Chin Na in my area?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Kung Lek Guest
    Hey Godzilla, have you ever had occasion to meet Johnny Tsai?

    I hear, he is an eagle claw/shaolin master with real good Chin Na skills but I don't know anything more than what I heard from a friend who had been to NYC and met and trained with him for a while.

    Maybe you could look him up?

    Kung Lek

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    Wong Ying Home Guest

    China Na

    Go study the eagle claw system and develop skill beyond simply chin na.

    Chin Na is only one element

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