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Thread: Traditional or Progressive?

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    dunbarj01 Guest

    Traditional or Progressive?

    Hi everyone,

    I've just been reading a book by a noted CMA teacher, author...

    In one chapter he speaks about the reason for such large numbers of KF styles. What I found interesting (and would be interested to know the opinions of others on this matter) was the opening paragraph:

    "Many KF instructors...insist on holding onto their special art like a priviledged treasure that only a priviledged few may glimpse. On the other hand, some instructors are more progressive. They want KF to become fully developed, preserving the ancient tradition so future generations can benefit from that skill and knowlegde."

    Some people may be familiar with this text and it's author but I'm not trying to promote or denounce his work. Just interested on what people's views are about the above statement.

    Do you think the traditional approach is okay or is there are more progressive way of handing down information?

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    fiercest tiger Guest


    giving info traditional ways? well this could be different to all styles and teachers, but i usually get the class together and talk, demonstrate and get them to write info down in there folders.
    what is your way of handing down info or how was it handed to you? :D


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    dunbarj01 Guest
    Hey Fiercest Tiger,

    I always thought that my school was traditional but then I read that article. From that, "progressive" sounds so nice and so that makes me think that "traditional" starts to take on a negative aspect but I don't see traditional as being negative.

    Info is handed down to me by word of mouth. The best is if I'm the crash test dummy for my teacher. I like to write down moves for prosterity but I can't find a quick (or easy) way of doing it and still getting all the detail and finer points.


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    joedoe Guest
    To me, the word traditional relates to how the teacher teaches the art. Whether the teacher decides to keep the art to a select few, or teach it to many to share the beauty of their art is not a matter of tradition or progressiveness, just a matter of how the teacher views their role as teacher or holder of the style.

    I guess a lot of older teachers guarded their art and some may have taken a lot with them to their graves, but I think even traditional teachers were happy to share their art with the right people.

    Maybe it is about tradition vs. progressiveness. Dunno. Maybe the terms are actually applied to different contexts, and so mean different things.

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    video, photos

    man use the vid and keep watching yourself doning the forms etc. photos are also good to make a book on each form for keeping the system alive especially if you cannot remember. see we live in modern times and i believe that the past masters would have made videos and books if it was easier for them to do so.

    what do you think about making vids and books on kung fu? :)


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    Wu Wei Guest

    whats in a name?...

    I think if we look at the meaning behind the word progressive, we should get our answer.

    The ancient "kung fu guys" didnt go around saying,"Id better not change things too much", instead, they usually said things like "I wanna make sure im good enough not to get killed". Thats the point. Kung fu itself isnt meant for the tradition, it is meant for progression.

    Im not saying to do "anything new", i just think we should do "anything that works".

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