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Thread: Balance

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    zen_celt Guest


    Hey guys. I know that there are a few other people on this site that have a problem or two with balance. While my balance is fairly good, I am very aware of the fact that it can be greatly improved. If you guys have any techniques or drills to help improve my balance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    joedoe Guest
    Try holding your stances while standing on bricks. Start with them flat, then move up to having them on-end. Then try moving from one stance to another on the bricks.

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    Robinf Guest
    I like that one.

    Also, try holding out kicks for a time, then coil them in and snap them out for a count of ten or twenty. First use the wall for support, then away from the wall. This will build up strength, technique, and balance.

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    D@mn, Robin beat me to that one. Also, practice full force punches and hand strikes while standing on one leg.


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    dave the dragon Guest

    balance technique

    i always find that balancing for progressive lengths of times helps build up a gradual ability
    eg 5 mins , 10 mins, 15 mins etc. also when balancing on one leg find a spot at eye level and concentrate on it dont let your eye wonder and balancing becomes automatic.
    also focus on the dan tien (2 inches beneath the naval ) for that is your centre of gravity .

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    Robinf Guest

    I guess you took a little while to recover from the b@tch slap I handed you on the street fighting forum :D


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    zen_celt Guest


    thanks for the helps guys. I've tried a few of them already, I'll see how it goes in the long(er) run. I like the ideas so far so please, if there are any more keep 'em coming.
    Abandit- how big are the bricks? I have a few but they are so small I can barely put 1/2 my foot on them.


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    joedoe Guest
    I don't know what size a house brick is where you are, but in Oz the 'standard' house brick is probably about 12"x6"x4" or something like that.

    Depending on your foot size, I guess you should be able to fit most of your foot on one lying flat. When it is on-end. you should only be able to fit maybe your toes and down just past the ball of your foot.

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    Radhnoti Guest

    Sort of a balance drill...

    We do something interesting in my class. We lift one foot to about mid-shin level. Next we start tipping our heads back until we're looking at the ceiling, some folks lose their balance here...but most don't. Finally, we close our eyes. Our teacher points out that our suddenly losing our balance is "100% mental" and we're supposed to imagine the last thing we were focused on. "Nothing has changed, the ceiling IS STILL THERE. Why are you falling? Your perspective has changed, but it's something you CAN control.", he says.


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    8stepsifu Guest
    stand on one leg for excrusiating amounts of time. Like Robin said, hold a leg out to strenthen your kicking as well. Work on flexebility and Tai Chi will also improve your balance.

    I know white crane folks will meditate in a single leg stance. Sounds like a good idea.

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    premier Guest

    Radhnoti is right

    You should learn to keep your balance eyes closed and without any concentration points on the walls.

    When you close your eyes or concentrate on some point in your own body instead of the things around you, you depend fully on your sense of balance and train it effectively.

    Qi gong and especially the luohan 18 hands form from Luohan qigong system is a great way to develope your sense of balance.

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    A Simple Artist Guest

    premier--Just A thought


    I was always taught to develop good balance you need to concentrate on a certain object in a room while standing on one leg or bricks. I heard it takes your mind of beeing unbalanced. :)

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    joedoe Guest
    Also, relax :)

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    bearpaw Guest

    What I do....

    I have a concrete wall between my patio and my garden. I garden standing on the wall. I have felt my balance increase rapidly. The top of the wall is rounded and it helps stregthen my arches.

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    jade_lotus Guest

    Training cans

    In my school, we use coffee cans filled with concrete. You start off with commercial sized cans and move to progressively smaller ones as your balance improves. You can use one or two for kicks standing on one leg, pushups, etc, to a number of cans in a pattern to work on stances. It's required training for more advanced students (I'm a neonate as far as CMA are concerned).

    Check out my sifu's article on the subject in Inside Kung Fu from last year... it came out at Thanksgiving, which means it must have been January 2001... the Bruce Lee anniversary issue.

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