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    rubber legs Guest


    Has any one ever had a ganglion cist. I think that I am developing one on my wrist from the dial of my watch digging into my hand sometimes. Are there any chinese medicine ways I can treat it.

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    chessboxer Guest

    i have had one


    I had one on my hand. i had surgery done on it to get rid of it. I dont know about chinese meds to treat it. I suggest go to a doctor and see what he says to do.

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    GLW Guest
    They are not a big deal. With large ones, surgery is often the answer to remove it.

    With smaller ones, there is an easier cheaper treatment that I have seen done by orthopedic doctors as well as doctors of TCM.

    This is massage for the cyst to break it the simplest case....and in more stubbonr wills sound strange but since my wife had one and it was treated this way I know it works...but must be done by someone who knows what they are doing..

    Anyway, the doctor of TCM positioned my wife's arm and hand so the cyst was in the correct place and then slammed the hell out of the cyst with a book. Cyst gone.

    I talked with an orthopedic surgeon and he echoed that you had to be careful with the amount of force but that this was a valid approach for a benign but ugly cyst.

    Don't do it yourself.....have someone who knows how to do this treat it.

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    MegaA Guest
    I have ganglion on my right wrist as well but i have been told to get it treated by accupuncture... but i'm not sure how that's supposed to work. Anybody have a clue?

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