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Thread: bone strength

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    SanHeChuan Guest

    bone strength

    can someone tell me how iron shin training actualy
    makes your bones harder to break? i know that the dit da jow is supose to help, but i dont understand how rolling and beating you shins makes you bones harder or denser.

    Does hiting them somehow causes them to act in the same way as breaking you bones, where as they then grow back stronger? should you hit them as hard as you can or as hard as you can stand

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    joedoe Guest
    Not sure if rolling and beating your shins makes them stronger, just makes you more tolerant to taking hits there. As for bone strength, I'm not sure. As you say the dit da is supposed to help.

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    Martial Joe Guest
    Yes it does.The constant tapping or hitting makes your bones dencer...

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    qeySuS Guest
    I'm guessing it's the same basic thing as when a bone breaks. I'm not sure how it works with the hit, but when a bone breaks (that is gets damaged) it heals back and is stronger where the break occured. So i can only guess this is the same principle. You get a bruise, the bruise heals, and you have a stronger bone.

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    SanHeChuan Guest

    does anybody know exactly how it makes you bones denser (is there a doctor in the house? :) )

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    BIU JI Guest
    Do as A bandit does, practise on steam trains and don't forget the dit dat.

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    premier Guest
    I've heard that the bone grows denser when there's more pressure on it.

    Someone posted an article about a month ago here that said that people who suffer from osteoporosis don't have a sign of it in their ankle bones that experience a lot more pressure than the other parts of the body. I guess that's the reason why they tell young girls to do sports in their youth to prevent osteoporosis when they get older.

    So I guess it's the same phenomenon when you harden your shins, forearms or any part of your body. I think the conditioning also teaches you to tolerate the pain, when you get hit to that part of your body.

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    BambooStick Guest
    Any constant, repetitive type of pressure on your bones will make them grow stronger.

    Calcium deposits form; like an adaptation, to the strain your putting on the bones. So you no break so easily.

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    Fu-Pow Guest

    I've heard....

    that iron shin/arm training makes your nerve endings retreat ****her into your arms. So in addition to making your bones denser it makes these areas more tolerant to pain. I think this is how the "rolling" works.

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    Martial Joe Guest
    I am pretty sure it makes your bones denser from the healing of the beating.I am pretty sure that more bone marrow is prodced and that makes the bone stronger.

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    joedoe Guest
    Or you could do what Biu Ji does and practice on landing 747s. But remember to use the dit da.

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    BIU JI Guest
    I've given those airport jobs up , the damage bills started mounting up .

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    SanHeChuan Guest
    ABandit / Biu Ji what?

    any way, how hard should i hit my shins, as hard as physicaly possible (without breaking them) or as hard as i can metaly stand?

    "Civilize the mind but make savage the body"

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    joedoe Guest
    Sorry, in joke with Biu Ji and fiercest tiger :)

    I generally only go as hard as I can mentally bear, not as far as I can go without breaking something.

    Guns don't kill people, I kill people

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    what i was told!

    that when conditioning eg; forearms 3 star hitting exercise. the bone releases calcium and strengthens the bone, plus the body learns resistance to the pain. drinking milk has lots of calcium but heard its a cancer causing product, soy milk, goats milk, rice milk may be better than cows milk.

    but only do conditioning with dit dar jow, pills, internal medicine. all bruising or damage has to be healed from the outside and inside, depending on the injury you may need to have herbal pills, soups, teas, accupunture, massage, chi kung to heal and chi/energy disruptions. usually if there is a bruise there is not just blood but also chi stagnation. yin and yang theories for healing inside and out must be healed. dont do if your teacher cannot heal! you can end up sick, and may get arthritis or have heart problems. look at the arm meridians and see what you are hitting, you will be suprised at the different meridians. think of 5 element theory of destruction too, if a certain organ fails it you can get a snow ball effect.

    conditioning is dangerous and should be taken seriously.



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