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Thread: Taoist Sex Practices

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    Fu-Pow Guest

    Taoist Sex Practices

    I'm sure this has been posted before...but does anyone having any information on the Taoist theory of holding in ones semen during ejaculation as not to lose "chi." I'm wondering... Is this dangerous? Does it offer some benefit? What are the mechanics of this (ie where does the semen go if not "out"?) Has anyone tried this or mastered it? Are there any books or videos on this subject? Bye the way this IS a serious post. :confused:

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    danny from miami Guest
    tried yesterday, lasted a long time but finally had to blow

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    joedoe Guest
    I heard you have to be careful doing this because if you try to hold it back and you have gone too far, then there is the possibility of the ejaculate being fired back up the passages into the kidneys (not sure how this works, just read about it somewhere). If this happens, it can cause some very nasty kidney problems.

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    actually ABandit, i think when it gets fired up the back passage you have a different problem entirely :eek:

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    joedoe Guest
    Hmmmm. I hadn't considered that one, but I don't intend to ever have that problem :D

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    LIN Q Guest
    That problem sounds fruity. This is also part of Yoga health pratices isn't it? karma sutra and the like!

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    If anyone is interested, there is a book available through called the art of the bedchamber: a book of chinese sexual classics and women's yoga. It is an acedemic book and covers things such as those mentioned earlier.

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    grandfist Guest
    Deng Ming-Dao discusses this topic and gives sound guidence in Scholar Warrior : An Introduction to the Tao in Everyday Life.

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    Eight Diagram Boxer Guest


    Not sure this is appropriate, but I just used the pressing technique where you press on the meridian point before ejaculation and it worked VERY well, I feel great!

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    8 Sweaty Palms Guest

    Amorous Endeavors

    I've had a lot of luck using Barry White's All Time Greatest Hits CD. It's not very Taoist, but hey - he is a master of sorts.


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    grandfist Guest
    8 Sweaty Palms: Great post! LOL!!

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    Fu-Pow Guest

    Hey I answered my own question....

    For good info on this check out

    The Multi-Orgasmic Couple or The Multi-Orgasmic Male by Mantak Chia...

    cool stuff!!!


    "If you are talking about sport that is one thing. But when you are talking about combat-as it is-well then, baby, you'd better train every part of your body" - Bruce Lee

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    WuMan Guest
    You think my mom would kill me if I went out and bought one of those books?

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    Not if you swap the cover with a Steven Hawkins book. I'm sure she'll think you're very astute. :D

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    concentrate your breathing in your diachean (sp hehe) just like when meditating or doing chigung. also concentrate on what you are doing with every other part of your body except your trooper. both of these help for a while. also if you can keep going after having a single orgasm the next one is much easier to control . . in fact i have to make sure i get it before my woman gets sore or im sol.

    where's my beer?

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