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Thread: How long have you weight lifted? What age did you start?

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    CrazyDan Guest

    How long have you weight lifted? What age did you start?

    3 years for me, started when I was 16

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    SevenStar Guest
    I started at 13, but with fairly light weights. In high school, I got more serious, as I played football, ran track and worked out with the wrestling team. Altogether, it's been 10 years.

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    joedoe Guest
    Never done it seriously.

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    qeySuS Guest
    I've never really done it seriously. But i'm 17 now and tomorrow i'm buying a 1 year membership card at the gym where i train TKD. I just got Pavel.T's book i read it and i loved it, i'll do PTP excerzises for 2 weeks (there's a tournement coming up so i dont want to gain weight). Then i'll do his bear routine untill i've gained about 7-8kg's and then go for PTP excersizes again. The reason being that at the moment i'm alwasy battling my weight in order to stay in my weight group, and i dont have a lot of muscles, i want to start growing some muscles before i start maximizing what i can get out of them.

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    Drunken Monkey Guest
    I started at 12 and I have been at it for about 3 years.

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    Ford Prefect Guest
    I'm coming up on 24 now, and I've been lifting since high school. I just stopped weights altogether though (gym to expensive) and am now just lifting kettlebells, sandbags, rocks, and doing bodyweight exercises.

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest

    Since I was 15

    I have been Lifting weights since I was 15 I am now 30. I started in High school doing Olympic weight lifting, I now lift mostly to inhance my martial arts. Weight lifting is also helps me look good naked.

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    Losttrak Guest

    Weight training

    The bones are still in developmental stages at age 12. Thus, most teachers dont allow board breaking til after that age. There are some examples of young bodybuilders who havent had any "reported" complications but who knows. Who can determine what side effects increased levels of testosterone, etc can have on an adolescent. I do know that only at that young age can you actually lengthen the ligaments that will ensure greater flexibility for a lifetime.

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    Drunken Monkey Guest

    just a note

    As you probably figured out, im 15 and i stretch everyday to insure flexibility when i am older.

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