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Thread: Over the Hill Thread

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    Started when I was 10. Now 51, but not over the hill.

    I'm faster and have more power than I ever did. Also have more muscle and ability to relax than before.

    Definately takes a lot longer to recover than before. And it's easier to overdo things without realizing it and get injured or reinjured.

    Current injuries are left knee, which over the course of a year, turned into tight hamstring on the right side, right side plantar fasciitis, and some kind of piriformis/sciatica also on the right side. Even with those, I can still throw hard head kicks on my right side. Not that I rely on those though.

    Up until this year, I was working out 7 days a week. 3 days running, 2 days weights, 2 days kf. Until this year, I never stopped for injuries or illness, only llghtened up a little if necessary.

    This year, for the first time ever, I actually found I had to stop all physical activity for 2 weeks at a time so that I wouldn't keep getting reinjured. The problem was that it would feel ok, but as soon as I did any aggressive footwork, my knee would be messed up again.

    It would be 3 weeks recovery while working out, then reinjury and another 3 week setback. After going through that cycle for several months, I finally ended up just sitting on my ass and watching movies for 2 weeks so that I could heal.

    Problem was that I'd still not figured out how slowly I had to start back up again. I thought my knee was ok so I did "light" sparring footwork while correcting students. Boom, instant 3 week setback. Ok, recover... then just "light" kicking. No power. Boom, 3 week setback again. Ok, recover. No footwork. No kicking for a month. Good, ok now. Start kicking the bag for form, no power, just targeting. That was good for a week. Ok, light tapping on the bag. Yep, another 3 week setback. Finally, a couple months ago, I decided nothing at all with the left leg for the rest of the year. That's been a big help. But, yep, I'm doing left side power footwork again. I can feel I'm on the edge of reinjury, but I think I can stay on the right side of the threshold. Probably a mistake, but I can't help it.

    I jokingly blame the students for my bad knee. I had 3 sets of students rejoin classes at the same time. I was working with one group on a particular kick which we did for about 2 hours straight, trying to get them to do it correctly. Of course I had to show them over and over and over because they were doing it wrong. Then did the same with the other 2 groups. And then finished off with low roundhouse kicks to the leg. I wanted to see a power kick strong enough to take a guy off his feet. Kick, not sweep. Let the 200lb student kick a shield against my leg, but he did it wrong. Put the shield on his leg, kicked it and set him on his butt. Then made him kick me a bunch of times.

    Didn't have any noticeable problems from that workout, but when I woke up the next day, I literally could not walk. Yep, it sounds really stupid, but until a year ago, that kind of workout hadn't been a problem. And I didn't realize until afterwards that I had to scale back.

    Current reduced workout is 2 days stationary bike, 1 day weights, 2 days kf, 2 days sit on my ass. That's been helpful for recovery.

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    To quote a great fighter; 'I have some pain that I'm going to have to live with for the rest of my life

    I take a couple Advil now and then. I never used to until about the last year or so.
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    I'm 41 and tired. I just want to lay down and rest. I have 2 hernias (weight training make strong!), and have broken many bones in my feet and hands (just got my pinky splint off after a grappling break) I'm still the same weight as I was in HS 175lbs @ 6'2" but my work out is an elliptical and Total Gym now because of so many aches and pains I've done Judo (brown belt) and Boxed most of my life and now I take Cuong Nhu (I just got my Green Belt). So I'm hoping to continue like I am until I croak.

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    Several years back when I was running more(10 mile long run and two 6's), I'd take Advil's in the mornings.

    KF workouts back then was 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. Now it's down to 3 hours Saturday and 2+ on Sunday. I take 800mg of Advil before and after kf workouts.

    I'm sure there's all kinds of reasons for me not to do that. But it helps me to keep working out regularly. I find that if I don't keep the activity levels up, everything hurts even more, and I'm more prone to injuries.

    It's like when you stop moving, you're dead. And pain just reminds you that you're alive.

    My teacher's generation was the one that would go for dim sum after class. Probably didn't help his diabetes or other stuff. We're more health conscious nowadays.

    A few weeks ago after class, the students left and the rest of us kept working out. One of them came back and we thought, "Oh good! More workout?" But she had come back to invite us to eat dim sum. We just looked at her and said, "No extra workout? Are you sure?" After about 10 minutes, we remembered what she asked, and said no thanks on lunch.

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    older but no wiser ;' )

    54 next month...

    Various injuries over the years although most were not KF related... had people hit my car , including rolling it at 60 mph, 5 times since I moved to the UK.

    Can't do all the things I used to as easily. Started playing rugby again at 50 and amazingly have less and less pain each season (play flanker - 156 pounds). If I do judo and play rugby my fingers get destroyed from all the twisting of the joints when I grab gi's/jersey's... had a shoulder tear from an ippon seionage that took 8 months to heal..

    TCMA have never really been a problem other than the bruises/cuts/ache that come with them. Problems occur when I can't close my hands from getting them stamped on during rugby matches on sat and have to teach KF on a sunday :' S...

    I am the same weight I was when I wrestled in high school and really my body shape is not that different than it was then.. might have to do with working as a manual therapist for the last 25 years.

    I rarely take anything for healing/pain.. used to but found by trial and error/experience that I really didn't seem to do much differently with or without the herbal/medical stuff.

    I am happy to spar/roll and I don't get too excited as I don't expect to win/dominate.. I go to a MMA gym when I have time and 3 of the lads have recently won national amateur belts :' P

    Funnily enough I really enjoy the all out aggression of the rugby pitch and think knocking/throwing down 20-30 year olds regularly keeps me feeling 'young' ;' )



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    Entering my 37th year of CMA. The typical injuries over the years. Most serious was hurt back lifting weights. And one year ago today I blew out my ACL, had reconstructive surgery on New Years Eve. What a way to bring in 2011!!! But 12 months later I`m feeling pretty darn good. But this injury has gotten into my head if you know what I mean. For the past 3 years I have what they call "50 year old man shoulder". Really feel it when I go hard on the drills and boxing. On the positive side, I really feel as if I have gotten smarter with my training and coaching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ginosifu View Post
    For those of us that have spent our youth in MA and are now suffering with nagging injuries and other ailments. This is for MAists that are 40ish and above.
    Will be 40 in April.

    How do you train now? Can you or do you still fight? How do you keep your skills up with your injuries?

    Training has not changed, although the variety of it keeps increasing. I usually continue to train with injuries, although sometimes there are certain things I can't do according to the specific injury. One of the benefits of training a lot of different things is that there are always things I can still do.

    Have you gained weight with age? How do you keep in shape? Can you run or do cardio? Have you tried supplements for energy or weight loss? Has your diet changed? What do you eat?

    I have not gained weight, in fact have lost a bit. When I'm doing BJJ competitions and paying a lot of attention to my weight, I eat a great deal of chicken and eggs. Otherwise I usually eat what I want- which is not the greatest fare- but portion control keeps the weight in check.

    How many injuries do you have and what types? Torn ACL's? Meniscous? MCL's? souAnkle's or feet? Hips or back? Head, Neck or Spine? How do you deal with them?

    My bad knees are the worst, although this is a congenital kneecap misalignment and not an injury or old-age problem. They can be pretty bad, though, and I worry that if I get arthritis on top of it, I could be in a real pickle.

    I've had a few broken toes and fingers, including one broken finger that didn't heal up correctly and the knuckle is all gnarled and painful. A rather serious ankle sprain, more sprains of toes and fingers, a few "rib out" injuries (I hate those). The worst "rib out" injury has lingered with some rib and shoulder pain. Cauliflower ear. Some back pain that may be misaligned vertebrae. Really been fairly fortunate so far. The frequent toe and finger injuries are very frustrating, since they really hamper function and take a long time to fully heal... but if that's the worst of it, I think I'm doing pretty well. Most of me seems unbreakable.

    I mostly deal with injuries by ignoring them. I keep training, modifying around the injury if I absolutely have to, and most of them go away sooner or later.

    Quote Originally Posted by ginosifu
    Have you retired from competition? Are you just teaching now? What are your future plans as you age in MA.
    The only competition that was ever relevant in my training was BJJ. I have done a few (all my opponents were young enough to be my daughters), and figured out that the main reason I was doing them was to try to please my instructor... so I skipped the most recent one, and am undecided if I'll do any more. Not because of age, though.

    I intend to keep training until I'm dead, although if the body starts to break down, there will eventually be some things I'll have to moderate. The BJJ seems to be kinder to my body (esp knees) than the Kung Fu and Tai Chi, so if I have increasing physical issues, I will probably be doing more BJJ than the other stuff. (If only I can protect the **** ribs from getting squooshed, which I hope to get better at with more experience.)

    Mixed feelings about teaching. I've done a bit, don't rule out doing more in the future, but it's not a driving goal.

    I gotta say, after reading this thread, that I hope the NOT over-the-hill MA'ists are a little less misogynistic. It is sad.
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    Taryn! We need more female power here! I turn 52 next month. Have dropped mantis indefinetly...focusing on tai chi and it's martial applications. My knees are pretty shot due to 35+ yrs of soccer. Oh well *sigh*
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    I feel badly for all you young folks talking about your aches and pains.

    joy chaudhuri

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    Had to take time off while I correct some serious back problems. Ended up hospitalized 2 years ago and couldn't walk for awhile, it took about 8 months to walk without a cane. Have a bit of nerve damage mostly down right leg.

    At 57 I can do some of what I could before the back took me out but then I need a lot of recovery time.

    The worst is I get out of breath really quick but my heart has been checked out and still in good condition. Getting ready for a major comeback for the second 50 year stretch of my life. I figure the last 50 year stretch will probably be laid back and low key ending my life at the 150 yo mark.

    And yes, I'm serious.
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    Sorry, sometimes I forget you guys have that special secret internal sauce where people throw themselves and you don't have to do anything except collect tuition.

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