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Thread: Training Drills

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    BDKF Guest

    Training Drills

    What are some training drills that ya'll do in your kung fu classes. I would like to incorporate new drills to keep class from getting stale. Let's hear some good ones.


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    Sil Lum Palm Guest
    Okay, be careful with this one or you'll hurt yourself. I wouldn't recommend doing it alot at first either. Settle in a deep horse-stance, your butt should be just above your knee level, with your butt tucked in and your back straight. Place a staff across your knees , if your staff rolls you are not balanced correctly. Hold for 30 seconds, then 60 seconds , then 90 , then 120 . When your legs begin to tremble , have someone slightly push forward into you with a light shove, if you can remain upright then your horse-stance is strong.

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    shaolinboxer Guest

    Here's one

    Find a nice long flight of stairs. Run up as fast as you can without skipping any steps. When you get to the top, climb down the stairs on all fours (hands and feet) like lizard. Repeat.

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    Ever hear of the Hubid Lubid drill?

    What skills are you looking to improve?


    If you pr!ck us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that the villany you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction. MOV

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    BDKF Guest
    Nope JWT, never heard of Hubid Lubid. I am just looking for any kind of drill - striking, kicking, grappling, conditioning

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    SwaiingDragon Guest

    ever try suicides...

    Suicide drills are, soccer, football, and many other types of athletes do them...improves speed and reaction timing...

    Since I find a lot of KF brothers and friends are to linear i make them do these

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    ElPietro Guest
    Deep horse stance is great, as stated above. You'll soon find out how strong your legs are doing it. Also, while in a deep horse, try punches and blocks to improve balance.

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    dnc101 Guest


    If you really want to improve your ballance and smoothe up your form, try this:
    set a cinder block on end, stand with both feet together on top of it and bend your knees untill your heels almost raise. Fists are chambered at sides as they would be in a training horse stance. Now do your punching and blocking drills/sets. You can raise up and try a few kicks- but don't get too carried away with them. When you get proficient at this, start stacking more cinder blocks on end- as they get higher they are more unstable and require better ballance. Have fun.

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