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Thread: Holding kicks?

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    jbmmaster Guest

    Holding kicks?

    I have a little problem with holding my kicks in the air over the waist. I do these exercises that are suppose to help but dont seem to. I practicaly stretch everyday but my legs seem to be stuborn with holding a side kick extension in the air. I also workout the thighs. Not just anyone can holdout a kick atleast waist height. Does anyone know any workouts that will improve this?

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    honorisc Guest


    Massage from the top of the kidneys along down to mid side buttock; and side below ribs to and include hipand continue down to near mid side of thigh. This would less-tensen™ and strengthen these areas. Massage up and down thirty six strokes back. Massage thirty-six strokes up and down- side. This should help. Massage at morningwhen you awaken~) and at night(before you sleep) for eight days. There should be progress.

    Even the massage in these areas whenever should be beneficial.

    Very some such,perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    danny from miami Guest


    i can hold my sidekick for about a minute pretty high up - over head level.. the only way to be able to do it is well just hold out ur sidekick. practice. hold out ur sidekick for as long as you can. do 2 sets each leg. do this after your workout or training

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    IronFist Guest
    Just practice, like,

    slowly bring your leg up, and then slowly bring it back down. Once you can do 10 repititions of this, you should be able to hold your kicks out for a while. At first, your hip flexors might cramp up, however.


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