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Thread: Compare Taiji push hands with Chinese wrestling

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    I could've sworn that this thread was longer.

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    Push hands is a drill

    Shuai Jiao is an art- conditioning, fighting, self-defense, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    If we compare these 2 clips, we can see some

    - similiar such as borrow force, yield, sticky, follow, lead your opponent into the emptiness, ...
    - difference such as Chinese wrestling use more leg moves, and end with single leg balance.

    Why can't we mix both into one?
    There's a reason why no one has ever been able to do what is happening in the first clip in an open grappling competition. All open grappling competitions look much more like the second clip than the first clip because the second clip is an example of what really happens.

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