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Thread: Training when Sick

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    lukrion Guest

    Training when Sick

    Does anyone have any thoughts about training while one is sick? (moderate cold symtoms). Is it better to give yourself the full amount of time you need to feel %100? And do nothing or else very light workouts which would leave actual classes out of the question. Or do you rest one day or just jump into it full out?

    When I skip going to training I feel like a slug and obviously some skill, stretch etc, get compromised. However working half-heartedly doesn't bring results either.

    Reason I ask is I usually get 2-3 good colds a year that last over 2 weeks before I feel even %80. I rarely drink, don't smoke. I feel I eat pretty healthy and try not to abuse myself but I still have what I consider too much down time.

    Any thought or tips would be helpful.



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    Crimson_Wolf Guest

    Training when Sick

    I'm no expert but i think it's better to rest then to train when your sick. You could somehow make it worst by doing so.
    Also after you recover you could train harder!

    You can't change your past but you still can change your destiny.

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    Crimson_Wolf Guest
    Oh and do you exercise at least 30 minutes a day?
    I've been doing that just recently and haven't had a flu or anything.

    You can't change your past but you still can change your destiny.

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    lukrion Guest
    Usually this is what I do before class.

    Stretches upon waking for about 15 minutes Everyday. I do my Tai Chi in the AM. Either a 24 short form, done 3 times(once for breath, twice to concentrate on certain aspects) or the Yang Long form.

    At some point during the day I go over all my Kung Fu forms. I do all my kicks 15 times on each side, some combos, stances etc.

    I'll eat a light breakfast.

    I try to get to my Kung Fu School in the Morning because I prefer AM workouts when I am more fresh.

    I'll be there a little over three hours if Tai Classes are also on that particlular day.

    Usually when class is over I'll only work on what was giving me problems in class that day to to review it. Sometimes I'll augment the workout with things we didn't do that day.

    Luckily I don't work a traditional 9 to 5 so I can take advantage of time throughout the day to do little things like staying limber. Or even do a few curls while watching tv. things like that.

    When I'm not feeling well if I can do something I try to acomplish that unless I feel exausted. I don't go to class and risk giving it to someone else though.

    What you said makes sense. I'm just not sure if I am over babying myself sometimes or if this does more damage than good. Just trying to get a feel on how others handle this.



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    Crimson_Wolf Guest
    Hey man seems your really active. I wonder why you would get the cold for two weeks.
    I guess it's just probably natural man. Don't worry about it. Try to train inside more

    You can't change your past but you still can change your destiny.

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    lukrion Guest
    I know, it really sucks. I've been like this since I was a little kid. The only thing that I can think of that is goofy is that I have severe allergies. Maybe that has my respitory sys. all messed up.

    Oh, well.

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