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Thread: octavio quintero

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    octavio quintero

    i was wondering if anyone has the "explosive jeet kune do" by octavio quintero.

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    very cool, almost looks like a another linage of wing chun, i totally agree with what he says in this clip

    I've always felt that Ted wong and Jerry Poteet held the most complete understanding of Bruce Lee's final JKD refinement and are JKD best Representive of Bruce's final evolution just prior to his passing. I also have alot of respect for Jesse Glover. I feel Bruce's other student are using JKD's research method to find their own way, but I personally feel Bruce already covered all that ground work and came up with a very refined distilled and potent understanding as to what was the core of JKD.
    "JKD is soley based on intercepting, what make’s intercepting work, is simplicity, always think of hitting, economy of motion, and lonest weapon to the nearest target."

    RIP to these three great martial artist
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    Tav is an awesome JKD'r and extremely fast!!!

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